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Email marketing is dead!

The title of the post may shock you. After doing two or three posts on the benefits of e mail marketing and convincing you guys of its goodness I am now up with a post telling you that e mail marketing is dead. The story goes like this. I read a post  on  warrior  forum telling me exactly why email marketing is dead. One blogger had come up with the post on how email  marketing is not working for him. The person who made the post on Warrior Forum analysed that  blogger’s e mail marketing methods and came up with a post on why email marketing did not work for him. I then decided to do a more extensive post on how  email marketing can fail. Like all  other marketing methods there is a probability that e mail marketing may fail for you. I have analysed the main reasons why e mail marketing may not work for you but don’t despair keep on trying.

 Email marketing is dead!

Try to sell and you will not sell anything

If you act like you are trying to sell then you will not sell anything with email marketing. There was a guy to whose list I signed up and from the first day itself he bombarded me with crazy offers. I was so exasperated with his e mails that i unsubscribed from his list but even then his mails did not stop. Finally I made a gmail filter with his name and chose the option of directly deleting his messages as soon as it landed. I don’t want to show him the  courtesy of the event the junk box, he doesn’t deserve even that.

Are you doing the same to your subscribers? Are you giving them the space of thinking about your product or consistently bombarding them with e mails? If this is your strategy then e mail marketing is dead for you.

With e mail marketing the first and foremost concern that you must have is being kind to your subscribers. Tell them useful stuff about your niche. With your emails you should try to solve their problems. Write  emotionally engaging e mails.

With e mails you never need worry about SEO, just connect with people. For the first month that they are on your list,do not send your subscribers any promotional e mails. They should rather thank their luck for having signed up under because of all the free information that you have provided. Nothing sells like free.

Once you have built  a relationship with your list then market to them products. You will never regret having created your list.

Where do you get e mails to your list from?

If you have a blog and are getting people to your list via opt in forms then its well and good as you know the exact source of your harvest. But if you are buying names by placing solo ads then there is a need to be concerned. One blogger bought names from solo e mail farms.

As long as he was sending free stuff to them they were very happy but the minute he sent his first paid offer he lost half of the subscribers. The quality of the email ids on your list is very important as this is what  which makes or breaks your chance of making money with a list.

If you are into buying e mail ids then make sure of where you get it from. Ezine newsletter is a newsletter which goes out to millions of people and you can buy solo ads from them. Promote your free product which requires signing up to your list.

How do you do e mail marketing and with what?

Whenever you start email marketing never send them offer e mails from the start  itself. Some warm up e mails or an e mail describing your last conference on internet marketing or whatever your niche is, something which is useful or entertaining.

There are free  auto responders like Mail Chimp but eventually you will outgrow them and need a premium one. But a premium auto responder like Aweber requires that all the members on your list re subscribe via a double opt in when switching auto responders.

In this process you will lose a lot of past subscribers whom  you painstakingly gathered. The loss is not worth the money which you could have made.

That’s why I strongly suggest you to start an e mail list with Aweber. Each of your mail lands to the subscriber’s inbox and never to their spam box. Your subscribers can also easily unsubscribe and you never pay money for useless subscribers.

Aweber also makes it easy to design a custom landing page complete with the free product you are offering. A free product increases the opt in rate like 10x times.

I have told you everything I know in order to make it  big with an email list.

If blogging is what makes your living then in this age where Panda and penguin are tearing your sites apart for no reason of yours then e mail marketing is your only option to make a consistent income online without losing your sleep over the algo changes and wimps of the search engine giant.


  1. Sayeed

    Still Email Marketing is Much more and effective marketing strategy than any other mode.. Because I have tried for my self and I am getting 100+ visitor’s day by email marketing from unique IP adress…

    • George

      I haven’t said anything against e mail marketing. I have only supported it. But i think you are only using e mail for sending articles. Send them offers too.

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