From some days I was wandering the doors of few blogs trying to find out a good tool for capturing the details of my screen. Yes there is the print screen button on every keyboard made on this planet but frankly its limited features do not suffice the needs of blogging. The printscreen button never gave me the details I was looking for on a screen. There are things that I for obvious reasons want to hide like my task bar but the print screen button has to show it all. I have always wanted to highlight a small portion of the screen but then again there’s the bloody full screen. My search ended at the gates of Anil Agarwal of bloggerspassion and he helped me by promptly giving me the links to this great software called Fireshot. Fireshot works like a charm on firefox and internet explorer but doen’t support the 64 bit Google chrome. This is a screenshot that I took from fireshot and its great

FireShot Screen Capture  001 FireShot Installed screenshot program com fireshot installed ph1 Fireshot and awesome add ons for taking screenshots

Here’s another

Options available on fireshot add on for chrome, firefox, i.eFireShot Screen Capture  033 Writing Settings seekdefo com WordPress seekdefo com wp admin1 Fireshot and awesome add ons for taking screenshots

When you want to capture a screenshot just click on the “S” icon and you will have several options like

1. Taking the full screen’s screenshot or

2.taking the shot of a selected region or

3. taking the screenshot of the visible area.

Also you can edit the screen shot by adding text, arrows and other gifs as you wish. All I can say is that fireshot is the perfect tool. I was trying out snagit for windows live writer earlier but that didn’t work too well with me and so I am here.

Awesome screenshot add on for chrome, firefox and i.e

Awesome screenshot plugin is another add on for the same purposes and it also has the same options as fireshot but awesome plugin does not always respond as well as awesome add on. It hangs a little bit. Take the screenshot of the entire page or visible area or selected area.

I would love to hear out the tools you are using for taking screenshots. Are they better than fireshot or just awesome