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The Fiverr gig that would make you $1248 per month

Today I am going to tell you about a gig on Fiverr that doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete, doesn’t have many sellers which means there’s not much competition to this service and has a large traffic.

These kinds of gigs are quite rare. I am always on the lookout for such new things. But I don’t buy wsos, the reason being that many of them are pure scams and don’t do the persons who buy them any good.

Neither do I promote wsos here but this time it’s different. Fiverr is my soft spot, I know that there are a few gigs that are virtual gold mines, I just don’t know all of them yet.

So, if there’s a wso up for review on Fiverr I am one of the guys who would ask a copy.

Usually such gigs will be about graphics- making headers and logos or e book covers. There’s a huge demand for those gigs but I don’t know anything about graphics and can’t make logos in a way that would appeal to people in 10 minutes.

But this time it was different. Chris reveals a gig that makes him $1248 every month and I know for a fact that anyone can reach this income with the single gig that Chris teaches.

It’s easy, there’s no learning curve involved. If you can understand English then you’ll be able to set this gig up and start making money.

Yes, the first order takes time, it may take one or two weeks to get that first order but after that it’s a downhill ride.

There are two reasons why I am sharing this with you guys.

The wso will be taken down soon, because if there are thousands of sellers suddenly popping up then there would be a lot of competition which will not only affect Chris’s income but the income of anyone who has bought this wso.

The second thing is that this is genuine folks. You get everything needed to set this gig up in 30 minutes flat, the exact description, the banners, the extras that can make more everything and this opportunity is rare.

I set the gig up in 10 minutes and am waiting for my sales to roll in. So jump in with me.

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  1. Hey George,
    Have you had some earnings since setting up your own gig? It would have been a good thing to see that you make money using the same method.

    However, I’m checking the WSO out 😉

    • The first sale is always the hardest but I am sure that I will make good money with this gig.

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