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How to be a freelance guest blogger?

The algorithm updates of Google have presented both a problem and an opportunity. Those who have been doing Black hat SEO are facing a problem that their sites are not ranking that well whereas some others are now faced with working harder to get some search engine traffic. Search engine traffic that goes down whenever there’s an algorithmic shift in the landscape.

Well however that’s a good news for freelancers. With SEOs fearing about the future of link building Guest Blogging has emerged as a platform to build links from authoritative sites in droves, get traffic and recognition. Plus, there are a lot of services which one can use for almost automating guest blogging.

Guest blogging however is not an easy thing to do. It’s pure hard work. Contacting the owners of the site, pitching them a post, waiting for their feedback and corrections, getting it published and then answering the comments. Not everyone wants all that hard work, no matter the perks.

But yes everyone likes those shiny guest posts with do follow links and plentiful of traffic coming their way.

Wouldn’t it be so much easy for the tons of site owners out there who need a hand in guest posting? What if someone could step in and ease this work out?

There comes our super hero- YOU! Yes you.

Well if you are a freelance blogger and are tired of earning in pennies then you can go ahead and try this method to get a handful of cash.

Even companies that handle a large number of guest posts and need writers, pay a minimum of $80 for good guest posts for their client sites.

How to find clients?

If I had the Aladdin’s lamp and then I would have asked just one thing, the route to finding clients who pay well. While we are the ones who create all the content which they sell, they do not bat an eye when it comes to dishing out pennies for our hard work.

Based on my experience I have two or three ways in which one can find good clients

1. Freelance Job Boards: I have not seen many guest blogging requests but all of the ones that I have seen need a lot of people and generally pay well for the task.

I have seen at least 3 in the last few months on the Pro Blogger Job Board itself.

2. Ask: There are tons of bloggers out there who want guest posts on other blogs but then they are afraid to ask those blog owners. If you can do the job for them then they would be happy to pay you.

Not all would say yes but there will be many who say yes!

Alternatively you can use my list of 120+ plus blogs that pay for guest blogging.

3. Creating a site promoting your service: Oni Balusi in this post showed that anyone can start a site on promoting guest blogging services and get paid $200 per article on PR 2 blogs.

Having created a reputation as a top notch freelancer at the age of 16, he starts another site under a pseudonym just to show that anybody with enough motivation can make money by freelancing and get paid like a king.

All it takes is a domain name, a good theme, one guest post telling the world about your service and you have just got yourself away from the the jobs that pay peanuts.

I have been there. My first gig paid me $4.5 for a 800 word article.

4. Ask the book writers: When Zac Johnson wrote the Confessions of a six figure blogger he went out promoting his e book by writing guest posts on a huge number of blogs. An example is here.

If someone has written an e book on marketing, blogging, making money online, fishing, cooking then there are blogs where you can write guest posts to promote that book.

You just need to ask and many times that’s the end to your problems.

How to automate guest blogging?

Now there are services like My Blog Guest that you can use to automate guest blogging for your clients or for yourself but it charges you $30 per month.

What about the freelancer who has ability but no money?

Here’s a video by Matthew Woodward that can you show you how to automate guest blogging?

He uses a software called link assistant which is used to find link exchange partners and tells you a way to hack it to find sites for guest blogging. The best part of the software is that there’s a fully functional trial version of it that you can use.

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  1. Luis

    Guest blogging will become an even more powerful force in SEO in the coming year, it has always been reccommended but now more than ever. This is a good guide on how to get into the guest blogging game, thanks for sharing, George.

  2. Mark Murray

    It’s not easy to be a guest blogger. Since you need to find a reputed site. But it’s really great to be a guest blogger.

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