Most of the bloggers who have been blogging for sometime take the beaten path when it comes to make money from their blog. They will try Google AdSense and you should definitely go after Google AdSense, they may rent out a bit of space for advertisers but they will pretty much stick to the tried and tested ways of monetizing their blogs. What is essentially wrong with this attitude is that you don’t utilize the opportunity of selling your talents online. What I mean is that you could provide services like wordpress hosting, blog design if you know that, designing logos, seo services and of course if you have a big name in the industry then you could sell your own products like hosting webinars, providing coaching regarding blogging for profit, blog consultancy… This is called selling your talents while blogging and making an extra income in the place of losing out that money. Seo services are now in huge demand because of all the disastrous effects of Google panda penguin and other black and white animals let loose by the search engine giant Google. I think that the next one might be a zebra.

Allow advertisers to contact you

A contact us page is very important for your blog as there may be advertisers waiting to contact you requesting some space on your blog for spreading out their banners. Do you have one for the advertisers waiting to contact you. Getting banners and cpc ads from Google alone is not going to maximize your online income. You need to diversify your sources of revenue channels

Paid reviews

Though paid reviews may slightly veer out of the mainstream channels of your blog but it doesn’t hurt occasionally. So go for paid reviews. In fact if your blog is big enough you could make as much as $100 to $150 per paid review( John Chow charges $500 per paid review) and if your blog is small then don’t worry too much because there are sites like sponsored reviews which pay you anything from $1 to $5 per paid review even if you garner only only 30 to 40 page views per day.  They may even serve as the greatest revenue source for your blog. What’s more you get something to write about too.

Free wordpress installation service

Well its not entirely free. For lot of newbie bloggers wordpress installation is as alien as dinosaurs in ice age the movie. Words like cpanel, hosting, themes etc. freak them out, but for someone seasoned in the game its nothing. Throw in a free wordpress installation only if they go for a hosting plan under your affiliate. Offer a discount which actually the hosting company is giving away and they are sold. People are more worried about their toothache than a thousand guys dying in a tsunami somewhere. There has to be something in it for them.

Are you a budding designer

Lot of people don’t know how to design their websites( I don’t know), they want it to exude a professional look and feel but they just don’t know how to code it all. Even I am not aware of the details of coding but if you know that you could offer professional designing services to bloggers, people running or wanting to launch sites etc. Just keep a page on your site regarding the service you wish to offer and it’ll all be good. If you did great at one project then your clients would tell others about the great work that you have done. Remember the potential for demand of such services spreads more by word of mouth than by anything else.