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Future pr check tool, it predicts your Page Rank before google

Check future page rank of your site with this tool. When someone starts a new blog the common notion is to attract traffic and build back links by commenting on blogs within the same niche and guest posting on blogs with high page rank. All these efforts help us to build the value of our site in the virtual eyes of Google bots. But are our link building efforts up to the mark.

The litmus test of our efforts takes place when the Google Page Rank is updated. The last update was in August and by the trends the next update will be in November 2012. But instead of waiting for Google to show us the red flag why not we use some tools to guide us in the right direction. Future Page Rank checker is one such tool which helps us to check the future Page Rank that a site will receive in the next PR update. It takes into account the back links to our site, the quality and quantity of back links and shows us a value of the PR.

The actual PR maybe lower or higher than what is indicated but it will always be in range and that is what which matters. There are scores of such tools online but none of them actually work and this tool shows a promise of working well.

Depending on various factors the actual PR may not be what we get from this tool but nevertheless you will know which direction the wind is flowing with this tool

I checked the pr of seekdefo and it has given me a 2.09. I did commenting on do follow blogs as well as other WordPress blogs and am looking forward to guest posting too. I am quite satisfied that I can get page rank 2 only by commenting and this proves that SEO is alive after Google Panda and penguin

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  1. Looks like now they have changed their website.Current page rank and predicted page rank is not shown. 🙁

    • True. I just checked and they don’t show the page rank. Maybe because Google too has stopped paying attention to or updating page rank

      • chamal

        George,will Google stop updating the Page rank? It is very bad news for newly established sites.

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