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How can online giveaways help you brand your blog,get free traffic: 5 case studies

Giveaways giveaways everywhere, not a drop of luck for me.

A vegetarian leaks.

With all these blogs around and a hell lot more of starving bloggers giveaways are a great way to boost blog traffic, make it a brand, make it popular, get tons of social shares, get more comments than what you can probably handle and for a long while, people promote your blog like it hosts “xxx sex tape” and the over all promotion is better than any paid gig.

Most of the times hosting a giveaway is free too. You just need to send an email asking for some free copies of xyz software or plugin and host a giveaway. Whenever a new version of a plugin is released the creators are definitely in a position to give some copies and make it look popular, create some air around it.

Moreover sites like ptab and rafflecopter make it infinitely easy to host a giveaway.

But the most popular ones are the cash giveaways especially if people have nothing to do to get some cash.

The fact that there are so many bloggers out there who earn nothing from their blogs also makes these giveaways very popular.

As said, today I will be walking you through four case studies of giveaways where I have participated and I have seen the kind of response that you get if you host a particular giveaway.

I will try to share the stats- social shares, comments etc. which you get when you host giveaways and you will be able to learn the kind of response that you can get if you host giveaways.

Win $120 cash or a Kingston wi-fi drive giveaway (live)

Kingston Wi Drive Packaging Contents How can online giveaways help you brand your blog,get free traffic: 5 case studies

Now this is a contest by cravingtech and it is still live which means there is a chance for you to perch your flags high. Leu has conducted many giveaways in the past too and most of them have been tech toys.

Since its a technology blog it makes perfect sense for him to put something as wi fi drive a giveaway.

If you are not in the US it will not be possible for them to send you the wi fi drive but you can get $120 cold hard cash.

As of now the giveaway post that was written on 2 February 2013 has received 3k entries and still counting, the number of comments on the post is only 9 and writing a comment gives you two points. See how few people fulfil all the conditions of a contest.

Enter now!

Emfastincome $75 cash Justretweet and cash donator plugin giveaway(live):

Now Estine is a damn fine fellow and I appreciate his genius in making so much money in so little time. He has been a new entrant to IM but he has been consistently cashing in with all his exploits. One of the main reasons that his business exploded was that he promoted it with giveaways and i participated in a few of them like the no passive income contest where one of the giveaways was 5000 justretweet credits.

That site alone has made him pretty dollars.

The next thing he did was conduct a giveaway of his plugin called cash donator which helps you to place ads easily.

Right now he has gone a step ahead and is conducting a Ptab giveaway of $75 paypal cash. The post has got over 212 comments and 3k entries.

The post has received tremendous response and is garnering tweets and shares every minute.

The contest is still live.

Enter now!

Top commentator contest skyhit blog giveaway:

I participated in this top commentator contest and all that I have to say is that because of the contest the site got around 800 extra comments.

That’s huge!

The top prize was a multi license copy of SEO pressor plugin and the second prize was a single site licence.

I am sure that the blog has been rising in the SERPs ever since because of the huge interaction it got. Everytime there’s a new comment the post gets updated in Search engines and so many comments would have definitely help.

Dukeo $500 review contest:

Dukeo is an insanely awesome blog by Ste Kerwer who makes a 6 figure income yearly and on 29th january Dukeo celebrated its second anniversary. There were prizes worth $500 in total.

The contest was simple- post a review of 200 words on your blog and make money for the best review, lucky review and two complimentary prizes which were surprise. Despite the huge cash involved the post got little response- the reason being that most people won’t bother raising their hand for a review.

Its work and they lost a wonderful chance to make some easy money.

The contest post received 68 comments stating they are going to write a review but only 10 actually wrote the review.

No passive income contest:

With the contest held on too I have seen a similar thing. Because of the fact that there needs a post to be written and promoted people won’t do it.

They want easy cash and that is the very reason why most people blog and then give up.

The rules were simple- Write a post on your blog and link it to a post on You get paid for a post on your own blog.


The contest ranged over five weeks and the third week had no participant except me and so I won a comment luv premium plugin and some just retweet credits.

People are very lazy and if you need to make a giveaway popular make it easy. Hint use ptab

Web hosting accounts giveaway:

Someone up for free bluehost and hostgator accounts

I won’t reveal the site or person behind it because I caught him red handed for posting fake giveaways. He doesn’t promote his giveaways on the facebook pages of which I am a part of because he fears that I will question him.

Right now he has declared winners of his past contests but I highly doubt whether they are the true winners or if there are any winners at all.

The posts where he posted giveaways have received a total of shares and likes which again should have given him huge traffic.

But since he did not announce winners or the people who actually commented never won, people rarely came back to his blog.

Despite all the shares and comments most of his newer non giveaway posts are barren. His recent post has got 353 likes and 88 tweets.

But his earliest giveaway had 505 likes and many more shares.

My tip is be honest about whatever you do, sooner or later someone will catch you in your game and these days its trust that matters the most.

Some key insights on conducting giveaways and making them insanely popular:

After having participated in so many giveaways I can say that there are a few factors which make or break a giveaway.

* Contests involving work don’t get many people on them, because there’s work to be done. “ Most people ignore opportunities because they come dressed in overalls and look like work”, said Edison.

How true!

Do you know what makes sites like Clickbank and Pay Pal click? The reason for clickbank is that it takes away the burden of signing up for each and every offer. If there’s something people hate more than spending cash its signing up.

Any site or software or service that can make people more lazy will be a hit. That’s why there are weight loss pills and programs.

In the case of Pay Pal, it takes away the task of having to take your debit card or credit card and typing down your secrets while looking over every minute if someone is seeing your details as you enter them.

Moreover what was the transactional password???

So make it easy…

* Instead of one mega prize host multiple small prizes each bigger than the other. If its a $100 giveaway one prize should be $50 the rest $25 each. It gives hope and hope is something that is bigger than the fear of failure, the alchemist that runs the world.

* Know what you want from a giveaway, if its social shares that you want then use ptab or rafflecopter.

My personal suggestion is to go for Ptab since the participants get a unique referral url which they can use for promoting your giveaway, they may write posts on it and make promoting it a primary concern. As I said Ptab gives hope that the giveaway can be won not alone on luck but but work also.

You always get such people who are prepared to go to any end if given the hope to do so.

* Cash prizes get more on the hunt than anything else.

* You can organize giveaways for free, all it takes is a little time and creativity but make sure that you have some readers who will participate in them.

* Do not end the show with one giveaway, keep them coming. Use it as a chance to build your list by making it mandatory to sign up. Its a great tool to add so many subscribers in a little time.

How do you contact someone for a giveaway?

Here I will show you how to write an e mail to Daniel Tan of Seo pressor plugin asking him for some copies of his plugin.

I am not sending it. Its just a sample for inspiring you.

Dear Daniel Tan,

My name is George and I blog at seekdefo.

Your seo plugin seo pressor v5 is making a hell lot of noise of late.

I have personally seen that it has become earth shatteringly awesome with the launch of the v5. Seriously, its a great addition to the arsenal of any aspiring blogger or internet marketer.

The new social media tools and inclusion of LSI is simply beyond competition.

Since seo pressor v5 is so awesome I would like to conduct a giveaway here on my blog where I would like to give away at least one multi site licence of seo pressor( Feel free to include more).

Our blog is about “ making money blogging”, SEO and affiliate marketing and our readers would love a copy of it.

I personally use the single site copy on my blog and I have seen terrific improvement in traffic, thanks to your brainchild.

Waiting for a positive reply


Well that’s it. If you can suggest any improvements to the mail you are welcome.


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