You have decided to delete your Blogspot blog. Is it because blogging isn’t working for you?

You have decided to start afresh on a self-hosted blog. Good decision.

Perhaps you have 20 different blogs in different niches. You may want to consolidate. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Delete a few. A faster way to growth is to contribute 20 articles to one blog than posting 1 article a month to 20 blogs.

Or you have migrated to WordPress and no longer wish to keep a remnant belonging to the past. If that’s the case, I suggest not to delete the blog but rather make it private.

Steps to Delete Blogspot blog permanently

Load on your site. If you are already logged in to Gmail or other Google services you will be readily logged in.

Select and click on the name of the blogspot blog you wish to delete.

Next, on the lower left corner you will find a tab called Settings. Click on that.

In the drop down menu you will find many options like Basic post and comment and so on. At the bottom you will find Other. Click on that.

A new panel opens up and you will find Blog options at the top. Click on Delete blog.

You will be asked to take a backup of your Blogger blog prior to deletion. You may choose to do that. Or completely ignore. Once you click on delete blog, you will be taken to Blogger dashboard where you will see to no surprise that the blog isn’t available anymore.

Kudos. You have successfully deleted it.

Even if you delete the blog you can still back it up pertaining to a period of 90 days. If you change your mind, click on the Undelete tab to restore your blogspot blog to its former glory.

However if you don’t undelete it the blog becomes permanently unavailable from the dashboard.