Fiverr has always been a preferred marketplace for buying and selling sevices like articles, videos, Facebook likes and fans, design covers etc. all at $5 dollars. Fiverr has over 800000 gigs; while this fact adds colour to the act of choosing it also makes the choosing an immensely difficult feat difficult.

With so much choice available it only makes sense to have some from of guidance we can receive while choosing gigs, because though some services are worth more than their weight in $5 others are things which you would not consider taking even if given for free.

Other than this there’s also the fact that a person who designs a theme brilliantly may not give logos of the same quality. While some give 500 worded SEO optimized articles for $5 others barely string sentences together and hope a $5.

More than anything the wrong person wastes your time, crashes your schedules which in turn ruins your business plans and strategies. You hoped to go live with a certain post which the seller promised to deliver on Tuesday.

The week has switched to a Thursday and  there’s no sign of the post. Right now you are in a fix whether to write the post yourself or wait for him. And then when he finally delivers the post betrays the standards.

The good thing is that you need not spend hours searching for the needle in the haystack. I did that for you. I have made a handpicked list of the best gigs on Fiverr. The list covers all the people whom you can trust on Fiverr.

Handpicked list of the most trusted sellers on fiverr

When you make an order I will also send you a free report on how you can save thousands of dollars in expenses for your blog with fiverr. Instead of contacting a highly paid designer for your new blog you can get it done on fiverr. Instead of paying up $200 or more for your site logo you can employ the persons on this list  and get it done for $5 only.

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What you will get at $5?

An ebook which will save you time and money, a handpicked list of the most trusted sellers on Fiverr

A free report which will save thousands of dollars in expenses.