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Hostgator coupon january 2013, $497 worth bonuses–25 percent OFF discount

Hostgator has given me special coupons for 2013 and it is the hosting option that I use for hosting this site As far as I am concerned I have experienced world’s finest hosting with Hostgator. I did not get any downtime, even when my my traffic is steadily increasing the servers are cool taking all the load without a sigh or complaint. Now I wouldn’t repeat you the lie of unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space or the promotional stuff that goes along with Hostgator or any other host. I am just going to tell you about the hostgator coupons for 2012 by which you will be able to save some bucks while purchasing hosting.

Which coupons hostgator gives in 2013?

I have managed to get two coupons for seekdefo readers from Hostgator. I will explain which one is the better of the two and why.

Hostgator coupon 2013- 1 cent coupon:

I started my hosting with the 1 cent coupon and that’s why I would not advise you to take this coupon. I have lost more money by using this coupon than by any other coupon. The reason is that your hosting is $.01 for the first month only but from the next month its $8.95. If I were using the 25% OFF coupon then it would only be $4.95 per month, which means that I am paying $4 extra every month.

Which means that at the end of 36 months I would pay $144 as additional charge. Isn’t it a big loss? But I had to take this coupon because I wanted to blog no matter what and I started with it.

The coupon code is SEEKDEFO94.

Click here

What happens when you apply this coupon code?

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Hostgator coupon 2013- 25% OFF

This is one of the best discount coupons from Hostgator. It makes your effective bill from $8.95 per month to $4.95 per month. But only for a maximum period of 36 months or three years from the start of hosting. See they are clever guys.

To make the maximum use of this discount you need to purchase hosting for 36 months but again if you are not that rich in numbers buy at least for 12 months and I would appreciate you for the best decision made.

Effectively you’ll be charged only $178.2 at the end of three months and if you were to go for the 1 cent coupon your charge will be $322.2 at the end of 36 months. See??

The coupon code for 25% discount is SEEKDEFO25

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What happens when you go for this 25% OFF coupon code?

FireShot Screen Capture 049 secure hostgator com forward php campaignbrandgclidCM6Rir cybMCFVEP6wodqDEAAg Hostgator coupon january 2013, $497 worth bonuses–25 percent OFF discount

Hostgator Hatchling and Baby plans, what you need to know:

I now would vote in favour of the Hostgator Baby plan because you can host multiple websites on the same account without paying for the hosting if each website. What this means is that if you start 10 niche websites then you need not pay the hosting of each of the 10 websites. You can host all of them under one account and only pay for the domain.

It did not go well into my head back then because I thought that I will be very happy with one website alone but then i found an easy method of finding profitable niches and making thousands of dollars each month with one page niche websites.

With Hatchling plan you can host only one website in your account.

What are the benefits of Hostgator hosting?

For the sake of SEO I have to tell you some features of Hostgator but then I am not going to tell what is written on their website.

*Unlimited space and bandwidth: Well its the biggest lie. But then everybody these days say it so we can’t help it. If this were true I could have called Mark Zuckerberg over skype and told him to sell the private servers in Siberia where Facebook is hosted and also given him my affiliate link. I am sure that Facebook would have appointed me as the Chief Financial officer if this worked.

But again there’s another thing that you don’t need unlimited bandwidth for at least one year. Hostgator can very coolly take burdens of upto 20k unique visits per day to your blog.

Then you may need to move on to VPS.

*Unlimited domains: Well this is true

*$100 Google adwords credit: You can bring some paid traffic to your new blog with this feature.

*One click wordpress installation: Since I am on WordPress I love wordpress. But they support Joomla, Drupal etc

*24*7*365 support: When I hosted my blog over here, there were some newbie issues with me which the support staff sorted out like if those problems were like eating pie. They have an absolutely dedicated support team which I must say is the most lovable and needful thing at times when something bad happens.

One more thing that I would say is that the above links are my affiliate links which means that if you decide to buy hosting from here I would get a commission. No, it won’t be deducted from you. I recommend hostgator because I myself am an user and when over 5000 bloggers were which their favourite hosting provider was Hostgator was the number one choice. hostgator hosts over 8 million websites!!

I will happy if you do that and support my blog. Plus you can use the contact form and ask me your doubts and if you start a new website I will tell you about the low competition high volume keywords related to your niche and help you break the competition. The very fact that you have come here from Google indicates that I can know how to bring search engine traffic to a competitive term.

I have a whole e book dedicated to teaching just that.

Grab your hostgator hosting along with end of the world bonuses worth $497

**Bonus 1 : Free wordpress installation. I will also install all the plugins that I use for my blog on your site

In addition the awesome sale, if you order web hosting through this link, you can have WordPress installed for free! Not only that, I will also install for free the following plugins to get your blog started on the right foot:

  • All In One SEO
  • Google Sitemap
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Show Top Commentators
  • Stats
  • Akismet
  • After The Deadline

All In One SEO is the ultimate SEO plugin for WordPress and will help your blog rank higher with the search engines. . Jet pack which will tell you the stats of your blog. In addition, I’ll set up your new blog with search engine friendly URLs. Google Sitemap will help get your blog pages indexed quickly on Google. W3 Total Cache will make your blog load a lot faster and handle more traffic.You can also grab my deal on commentluv premium plugin for a much lesser cost since from next year people will have to pay a recurring charge. Its the same plugin I use here.

Nobody does all that. I will also send you a list of the best places from where you can purchase a premium theme. USE THE CONTACT US FORM TO GET YOUR FREEBIES $40

**Bonus 2: You will get my $97 worth e book on creating niche sites for free. Normally people have to sign up for my list to get that. Though you can also do that and get free inside info on running niche sites with my emails.

**Bonus 3: You will get 10 plr e books which you can either promote to your list or sell worth $60.

**Bonus 4: When you start a blog you also need to start building your list. If you start with Aweber using this link then I will tell you how to design an opt in form similar to the one you see at the side bar or better. I will also give you a full tutorial on email marketing, the kind of e mails that you need to send to first create a relationship with people and send you to two free resources of email marketing which have a huge cache of e mails. Also I will send a video tutorial on how to set up a freebie for your opt in form on your blog. Hiring a designer is worth $100.

**Bonus 5: I am a pro SEM rush user and once you give me the topic of your blog or niche I will find out the competitors that you have and will give a free report on which keywords will bring you the maximum traffic. Free blog consultancy worth $200.

If you wish to know the exact step by step process of making money online by finding high traffic low competition niches then enter your email address below. I will send you my free ebook


  1. Hostgate give too many coupon codes and discounts to It’s customers which is good thing I like about it. BTW, I use Bluehost and I’m really happy with it.

  2. Though we have many coupons what’s cheaper when looked at the long term is bluehost. Do you that hostgator, bluehost, ipage etc are brands of the same company. Google it

  3. My blog also running on hostgator. 🙂 I am so happy with their services. 🙂

  4. Rauf

    It is definitely a good deal. I have plan to buy hostgator hosting, will utilize this coupon. I could not use google adword credits given with dreamhost hosting

    • George

      I am sorry to hear that you could not use adword credits with dreamhost. I am sure the credits with Hostgator will help you as I too have used them profitably. Best of luck

  5. George its good to see Hostgator is willing to provide discount to its customers unlike many other companies who spend millions of dollars on advertising their products.

    • George

      Hostgator too spends its millions but then they also provide coupons

  6. Jason James

    Hey george, if you’ve a need for another idea for a single page niche. Gaming is the way to go. The products are low gravity, and Im going to test it to see if I can make some clickbank sales.

  7. thanks for give me information on this topic,

  8. HG makes it`s customers feel good, with there different coupons they are actually helping all those types of customers who are in monthly, annual plans.

    Already using HG!


  9. I use hostgator too and am very happy with it. Glad to find your site via Jane Sheeba.

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