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How to earn $200 plus for each of your guest posts?

When I was creating my list of blogs which pay for guest posting then I thought that there are so many blogs which are un related to my area of interest but pay well. There are not many blogs in the blogging field that pay well for a guest blog post but then why not I find such blogs that allow me a link of my choice with the guest post so that I can lead the visitors from the host blog to the page which contains a description of the product that I am an affiliate of and possibly using it myself too. If I go that route then I may make a profit on all the guest posts that I am sharing for free. Better yet I can blog on my passion and still make money.

How to guest blog  so that even newbie bloggers can make money of guest posting?

The first requirement is writing a great guest post. Nobody can help you with that except you. If you can’t write great posts then you need to hone that ability into you. You have to write great quality guest posts on various blogs that allow you an anchor text of choice with your choice link. Why I am stressing on this point is that only then you can attract visitors to your blog.

The second requirement is in having a good product to sell and doing enough research in proving the credibility of the product and presenting your findings before your audience.

Seekdefo is a barely two months old but I am using this very technique to bring visitors to my blog and also sales.

How to improve this technique to bring for SEO to bring organic traffic?

But the problem with this technique is that there are not many high authority blogs that can send you traffic in this way but there’s a good news that you don not need so many high authority blogs. You can rather pull visitors from search engines by using targeted keywords on small blogs, blogs with page rank of 2 or 3 and post on them posts related to the product you are selling.

You can also bring traffic to you service like backlink providing service. When Zac Johnson came up with a new book then he promoted his e book on several blogs by posting guest posts on books and blogging and as a result the e book surpassed 9000 downloads within a few days.

Onibalusi of youngprepro uses the same technique of content marketing to bring SEO traffic to his blog by planting keywords across the web  by writing 271 guest posts. His post   “The effect of 31 guest posts in 1 week” very well documents the effect of writing 31  targeted posts on small blogs and firing them up with his keywords. He would write a post on his blog and then write a similar or same topic post on another blog and have an anchor texted link pointing to his post which would make his post more visible on search engines. This way by writing only 31 guest posts on small PR 2 blogs he got 134 more targeted visitors on his blog via Google. Just imagine if the posts that he wanted to rank also reviewed some product.

Neil Patel used the same technique to bring 90k unique visitors to his blog Quicksprout within a year every single month. You should read his post content marketing is the new seo. He  says  that content marketing is the new SEO.

You can also use the same technique to bring visitors on your blog and  market your own freelancing services, blog consultancy services and much more.

I am only asking you to twist it a bit so that you can sell your own products or affiliate products and get paid for every post.

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