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How to find out a profitable niche in blogging?

How to find a niche in blogging?

Though niche sounds as something complex, a niche simply means the topic you blog about. Did what I say sound insane to you? I am not telling you to blog about the same topic everyday, I am telling you to select a general topic or some topics which are related to each other and, belong to the same cadre and the topics should be interesting to you too.

I you ask what is Seekdefo’s niche I can say that we blog on blogging, WordPress, Plugins,SEO, making money online, affiliate marketing, web hosting etc.

If these topics sound interesting to you then this becomes your niche. If you are not interested in this niche maybe you are interested in the health niche. Choose a profitable topic which has at least a few thousand searches every month and you can make money by blogging on those niches. If it isn’t health it maybe dog food or real estate or weight loss. There are two things of utmost importance to consider while selecting a niche.

1. It should hold interest to you

2. It should be profitable

I would emphasize that a niche should hold your interest because you are going to write about it and all the relations that you build with people on the web are going to be connected to that niche.

They will talk, eat and walk with  you on that  niche because that’s your common bond and if you fail to satisfy their queries then they will abandon your company. It will lead to loss of leads.

Secondly if you do not enjoy conversing with others on the topic you blog about then your blog will become a liability to you. Blogging is a profession of choice. We blog because we love it and by blogging something you do not enjoy you are killing the very purpose of blogging.

People can easily see through you whether you are interested and passionate about what you blog. A blogger who isn’t passionate about what he blogs can’t infuse passion in others. It is a psychological fact.

How to select profitable niche for you blog?

I made this mistake when I started my first blog 15 months earlier. I selected a niche which did have some traffic but no monetary value. I could have made money even out of that but I decided that instead of garnering lots of Page views for such an unprofitable niche, I should rather blog on a niche which is interesting and make me money. To make my previous niche profitable

I needed at least 20k visits per day and that wasn’t feasible to me. I blogged on free gprs tricks’ which had no advertiser competition, which had zero ads related to it, even AdSense rejected my application ( even though I had 5k page views per day). Hence  I decided to invest in a domain name and hosting and started blogging on what I should have done 15 months earlier.

When you decide on a niche you should do a Google search and look for websites which have already established themselves in that niche and find out if they are doing good.  

Let me tell you about one profitable niche I found by accident while blogging. I used to provide premium accounts login info on my account. One day I put up an article related to Zbigz premium account. Its a site which converts torrent links into premium links and was in much demand.

Starting from that day I have received 300 plus page views every single day for that post and after a months that post had raked in 30000 page views and the popularity has not died down.  You need not write about a very popular topic, you just need to write about topics that at least a few people need and you need to have an idea about monetizing that niche well.

In my case there was a remote opportunity of monetizing the content. Now the official zbigz website gives you premium accounts if you complete surveys. I completed a few surveys and got premium accounts. I then made them into a txt file and uploaded it to file sharing sites which ask for survey before the download. The pay per download is $1 to $20 and I made good money.

In the same way there are micro niches in health niche which can be a goldmine if utilised properly. But if you are not interested in them hire a freelance writer to write content for you. Its not necessary that you yourself write your content. What matters is whether you have business sense.

How to find whether your niche is profitable?

Finding whether a niche is profitable or not can be very easy. Above all the best tool for finding profitability of a niche is free. Its called Google keyword tool. Google’s keyword tool pulls out search data from its official database and it will give you a fair idea of the number of searches a keyword receives in a month and the cost per click i.e what the advertisers are paying for each click that keyword receives.

Everything you need like the monthly local and global searches for a keyword, the words associated with the keyword( long tail keywords), the average cost per click and the advertiser competition in bidding for the keywords etc. are displayed neatly there. Additionally for each keyword there are thousands of related keywords called long tail keywords which may have lower competition and which you can make your niche

. A broad highly competitive keyword is “make money online” but a less competitive long tail keyword is “ make money online blogging”. You can write articles focussed on the second long tail keyword and you are bound to get traffic.

What to do to get more traffic when you have found your niche ?

Bloggers have been secretly utilising this traffic weapon to the hilt. We all love YouTube but what we don’t know about  You tube is that its the world’s second largest search engine and post the panda and penguin updates the web world has been increasingly  running towards making videos to drive traffic.

Let me tell you an example. I am looking forwards buying a Thesis theme for Seekdefo and I need to know how to customize it. I searched for a couple of videos on YouTube and was satisfied with the results. I also visited the sites in the description and if those people who have made the videos offer to customize my theme if I buy under their affiliate then its a sure buy from me.

If a new post comes on a new blog I hardly gets any visits from a search engine but put a new video on any topic on YouTube and you will get views.

Moreover Google has been increasingly displaying video results in its search result and a popular video can attract thousands of views to your site if you give the site links in the description. Its the only way to drive huge traffic to your new site and even if your site is well established a wave of targeted YouTube traffic won’t hurt you.

Not only YouTube you can upload the same videos on Metacafe, Dailymotion and other video sharing sites but the views maybe less.

I hope you find your niche properly with this post.

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