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How to find quality guest posts for your blog?

 How to find quality guest posts for your blog?

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One common complaint that I find from bloggers is the lack of quality guest posts from others. Guest blogging is one of the better things that evolved with blogging. Guest bloggers provide a relief to the bloggers a relief from the daily grind of producing quality posts, guest posts not only add new ideas to their blog, they also bring revenue to the bloggers without having to do anything by themself.

But more often than not people aspiring to do guest blogging on popular blogs just don’t care to meet the criteria. The posts will not be of relevant length, the guest bloggers forget to show basic manners of blogging like proof reading and a grammar check before firing up the post, many times the topic will be unrelated to what is usually covered in the blog and a lot of such problems which make the blogger regret allowing guest posting on his blog.

Sometime back I guest blogged on shoutmeloud and to  my shock when I browsed the dashboard it revealed that every single day the fellow there faced the brutality of irrelevant, unreadable and low quality content(at least 43 in number).

How to find relevant guest posts easily?

To sort out the needle from such a mess can be a daunting task indeed. But what if I told you that there was a better way around. If you were given the option of selecting which posts should go live on your blog as guest posts, a choice of selecting the guest bloggers than being selected by them then would take that option and go ahead?

If your answer is yes then read on. I will be telling you exactly how do you do it? While I was preparing my list of the 500 plus sites which allow guest blogging then I was exposed to two sites which syndicated posts from wannabe guest bloggers.

The only thing you need to do is register on those sites and select which guest posts are right for your blog and contact the guest poster. If your blog meets the criteria specified by the guest poster then he will allow you to use his post on your blog with only a back link in exchange.

One of the sites for the same and a very popular one  is and a myblogguest alternative  is The two sites mentioned above are a free guest post sharing community having a mammoth list of bloggers just ready to get their word out. Many bloggers from across the world have registered on the site for the very purpose of giving you guest posts. For the guest blogger, the site saves time in that he doesn’t need to send an email to bloggers and wait for their approval.

For the bloggers who want posts, the site serves the same function of a menu card.  They say that necessity is the mother of invention. You wanted and you got it.

Do you qualify to receive quality posts?

Although the sites serve as a medium of giving you guest posts of your choice, guest bloggers may not prefer you if you do not have lucrative Page rank. As much as I like the I cannot use the service until the next PR update from Google.

Guest blogging is done to expose yourself before the eyes of a new audience and to receive link juice. If your blog neither has traffic nor a good pagerank then Seekdefo advices you to work on those two aspects before signing up for myblogguest or any other similar service.

A pagerank of 3 or above will attract quality guest posts from relevant people towards your blog. Many people have got a PR of 3 just by posting 10 quality posts on high PR blogs. As always its quality and not quantity that matters and this is being proven everyday with the Penguin kicking blogger’s ass.     


  1. Thanks for the info, George! I need some guest posts, myself because “paid” writing is taking so much of my time away from building my blogs. So, I’m taking your advice and guest posting myself! Appreciate the info here, which is also very helpful. Thanks!

    • George

      yep and myblogguest also has a wordpress plugin for finding guest posts. Well did you get any new offers for your freelancing after your guest post at dailyblogtips

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