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How to get exponential web traffic by daily blogging?

Of late I was reading one of John Chow’s post where he was talking about how he became a successful blogger. There is just one word to it and that is consistency, John has been blogging from 2005 and its like 7 years now. From the 7 years when he ran John chow dot come he produced an average of two posts per day and there has been no day when he has not posted at all on his blog.

Mind it that at that time guest blogging had not gathered all its sheen and he was producing content all by his himself. If you go through the archives there you will notice that he has written some pretty awesome content in his blog, well that is the reason why his blog grew so much. Most of us waste our time in social media and other outlets, networking and all that, even guest blogging, but the most important piece of shit that you own is your own blog.

You have to write content for your audience and that’s your first priority. How many blogs you know produce content daily without fail?

I know only three John Chow, Dukeo and shoutmeloud

I have visited hundreds of blogs if not thousands and most of them have very good content but readers don’t come back to them often because they do not give them a reason to come back. If readers know that whenever they visit the blog there will be fresh content then they would visit it everyday.

People get addicted to a blog just like a drug!

People buy from whom they trust. Over time they start liking you an even buy from you. I purchased my hosting from John chow.

Now you know the reasons don’t you.

Bloggers even though they are serious about blogging do not produce content at a consistent basis and if you have that one tool in your armour then I don’t think anyone will be able to beat you.

Producing longer articles is good but also feeding your audience with shorter daily posts is an excellent strategy.

And I have used it too!

Some of you will know I once used to post about gprs tricks and hacks. The first three months I wrote content all by myself but later on I started copy pasting and writing tons of posts 5 to 10 per day and you know what- despite the Panda and Penguin updates my blog traffic only grew.

The reason was that I had also grown with me an audience that was addicted to my posts..

I reached 6k pageviews per day everyday within 5 short months and the blog even now receives traffic for all those Search engine terms. I have removed all the copy pasted posts though.

Now coming back to John Chow you can post content loads of it daily by appointing guest bloggers on your blog or write some short posts everyday. This hack will grow your blog like anything! Believe me

If you know the story of Jon Morrow associate editor at copy blogger then you would know that he first ran a Money blog which he grew to 2k unique visitors per day with consistent blogging!

It works!


  1. rahul

    nyc post..will keep these in mind

  2. Hello George!!
    Well I do believe that daily blogging do help to increase your interaction with your visitors. You need to update your blog with unique content so that your visitors find it interesting to read. Thanks for the share!!

  3. Mohammad ismail

    Hello friend:
    This is my first visit to this blog, as i am one of the new bloggers searching for the blog that can provide me knowledge related to blogging, and so i am glad to say that i found your blog awesome.
    Very nice and informative post.
    Keep it going.

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  4. Hi.
    Nice and useful article. Now I came to know that daily blogging will naturally drive traffic to us than doing promotion is mainly spamming social media for making people to know about our article.

    Thanks for the Share

    • Hi shathyan do you remember me, I was at zlobber earlier and at that time you used to post heavy articles on SEO. Are you still on zlobber? I always felt they are waste of time

  5. Subhajit Pal

    I have learned a lot of knowledge about blogging from you and also started a blog.thank you George.

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    Thank you for sharing huge information..

  7. Brian

    This is really a great post and very informative one. Keep it up!

  8. Alan Oliver

    Thank you for this wonderful and inspiring post!
    This looks like a great strategy but it requires consistent effort to post everyday without fail.
    In fact I have been thinking about trying this out myself. Blogging is hard if you don’t love your subject but it should come a lot easier for a subject that you have real passion for.

  9. Ann Young

    I would disagree with posting content daily. To me that almost smacks of spam. Do you really have enough content to where you can post twice a day? I doubt it. I wonder how many subscribers dropped their subscription daily?

    Am partial to only writing when I have something relevant to say!

    • Thinking back now I too would disagree with that now, but works for tech blogs

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