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How to launch a successful blog

Everyone who’s into blogging wants a successful blog.

Nobody plans on failing. But failure doesn’t require any planning from you.

You miss a few steps and you prime yourself for failure.

Start with a domain name that shows what your blog will be about

Now, I don’t imply that you need to keyword stuff your blog. Don’t start a blog that has the domain like

Just don’t.

It feels and looks so amateur so that people will run away.

Be topical

Don’t start a blog about everything. You can’t really cover everything in detail.

Be true to the domain name and the niche it espouses.

If it’s a vegan recipes blog don’t write and post an article extolling the benefits of a diet leaning on red meat.

It would create a rout amongst the many core and loyal readers of your blog.

Choose a great web-host

With Google’s new dictates, you can’t possibly afford the ill-effects of a bad web-host.

Avoid shared hosting if you can.

Page load time matters a lot.

It affects site rankings. Also don’t for hosts that want to install wordpress for you for a fee. That’s mostly sham.

Installing wordpress is child’s play. Installing useful plugins on wordpress is akin to taking candy from a baby.

Just do some research, get your head out of your ass and you won’t have any troubles with either of these things.

Install Analytics

Google Analytics is your best bet.

There are analytic tools like Kissmetrics that offer tons of data but you don’t need that at this stage.

Analytics is powerful and guess what free.

Install essential plugins if you’re on WordPress

I am not really familiar with Joomla or Drupal or similar blogging platforms.

I don’t know if they offer any plugins.

That said, essential ones for WordPress are Akismet, caching plugin of some sort, SEO plugin, Jetpack and that I think would do.

Don’t try to add every functionality that WordPress offers and end up bloating your site with needlessly.

The API calls alone would mount to a huge hosting bill.

Your site will start loading really SLOW.

You don’t want that.

Blog on a regular basis

People are expecting new content from you.

That’s why you need to blog on a consistent regular basis.

Inactivity bores people. Ever been on a train in India?

Some of these trains stop for inordinate periods on some stations and no stations. People don’t fare well when there’s no activity.

They get bored after a minutes and start tinkering with their clothes, their positions. They gawk, stare and get jittery.

A blog without any updates makes your readers jittery.


You can create a successful blog.

No doubt to that.

It needs lot of work and consistent efforts on your part. Can’t spare you that.

Good luck.


  1. To have a successful blog, a blogger must do a lot of things to drive traffic, make relationship to other bloggers and write a blog post everyday. these are some ways that i know that works to make a blog successful and last but not the least never give up on blogging. What do you think?

  2. Abhishek Dharmik

    Seems Like All the above tips will definitely be helping out one in creating a successful blog. If you have to launch a successful blog then you must work on your writing skills and have good seo skills too. If you manage to refine these skills then sooner or later your blog will definitely be one of those successful blogs out there. Loved Reading these amazing tips. 🙂

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