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How to make $100000 per month with your list?


The most profitable way of running a  blog or website is building your own list. But what to do after building a list? Here I will discuss the core strategies of the most popular internet marketers who earn a million dollars year by year every year with their lists. Making a list is one thing and keeping it another, harder than keeping someone on the list is making some profit out of it.

A list bears fruits only if you work right with it. 5 months ago I did something. In order to learn how those guys at the top reached the top I decided to observe their strategies. For that I subscribed to their lists. Right now I will be discussing what two guys earning millions  of dollars from their lists sent me in order for me to spend some cash on their products.

I am talking about the ThinkTank  2012 which is going to be held on a beach somewhere, 3 days of  fun frolic and business. Its an invite only event and each ticket will set you back by $3000.

Given that they are charging $3000 for it the affiliates must be making somewhere between $1000 to $1500 per ticket sold. They are trying as hard as they can to sell the tickets by making it sound as limited as the polar bear in South Africa. I believe that this might not be the case since I already got 4 mails describing the exclusivity of the event and all from the same person.

The event is however worth it. Because the ones who attend it would be discussing strategies to take a business from scratch to millions.

What John Chow did to sell me tickets?

As I am writing this post John Chow has already sent the third mail describing all the fun he will be having on the beach. Aside from the fun this is what the e mail says

Aside from Martin Kampmann, who if he wins the UFC fight in November will be betting for the world title in his next fight, the attendees for this event are

A guy mailing 100 million mails a day

A guy with a domain portfolio worth tens of millions of dollars

The world’s leading  link builder

A guy who managed a 100 million dollar mlm in his teens

The 25 year old kid who hit a  million dollars in sales this month

and John Chow who sends a 1000 dollar lead every five minutes.

This is the latest mail I received from John Chow and before that I received  3   other  mails a little bland in nature but however to the same effect. One mail was titled “ An  insider peak at the highest end $3k event in the internet world” which I cannot reproduce as he already posted it on his blog. However I can share the details.

The mail basically describes the event as being an eventful tour schedule. Remember the things you did at school and college where every event was pre coordinated, well something like that.

John starts by saying that this is not an invite, yeah just trying to show hungry children the world’s best steak.. That is the art of selling. You must sell without trying to show that you are selling. The mail describes the whole schedule. It says that on  mornings you can laze around the park under the balmy sun. Nights are going to be chilly so one  should bring one’s warm clothes.

There will be dinner at a mansion…   And the event  is sponsored by a   person who earlier was a worker with the Think Tank and used the knowledge to become a  millionaire. Oh how romantic, but true!


For a full insight on all that you can head over to the blog post at John Chow’s.

Before this mail I received a mail pre selling the idea to me. This e mail is like the one you call the trailers to the movie. They show a little peak here, a little glamour there and then you are sold. The mail says that John would be heading over to Think Tank in San Diego, a master mind event by Dr David Klein( popularly known in the internet marketing world as dk)  attended by the who’s who of internet marketing.

Then he heads over to introduce the egg heads joining the event- Frank Kerns, Sanjay Sabnani,  Mike Salvaggio, Matt  Lloyd. John makes it more exclusive by saying that the number of invites that John can send is limited to four. The whole total number of people attending the show will be 30 and I can’t say whether its true or not. There will be an open bar, food and drinks and the masters of money to guide your way towards wealth.

This is what I call the pre pre sell mail and need be only done if the event is very very special. Its like the rumours you hear of a new film being released from the actor who does only one movie per year. John just tells  me the basics of the event. Strict NDA, open bar, internet gurus under the same umbrella, food, beach… a three day long after party.

This is what Matt  Lloyd did to sell me the tickets

I was decided on crowning Matt the king with his selling technique. But after I received the last mail from John I couldn’t help but decide my verdict in favour of John Chow. Matt as usual begins his mail with a catchy title “ the chiropractic massage I received” and it completely hooks my attention to the mail.

Why is Matt trying to tell me about a chiropractic? I open the mail because I am sure that I am in  for a real treat for another of his stories where he would make the connection between a caterpillar and internet marketing. He must be the guy who sends out 100  million mails a day.

Whatever may be it  let me continue with his e mail. Matt describes that he had gone to his mentor Jonathan Volks’s(Is he the guy who sends 100 million mails a day?’) event and had volunteered to move some furniture which gave him a severe back pain. Next in a twist of karma he stands before the Doctor who is organising the ThinkTank who happens to be a real doctor and gives him a  quick massage and voila the pain is gone.

Matt then drives home the point to my system that he could do it all because the Doctor was an expert. Likewise for quick results we need experts. Then casually he gives me an opportunity to meet him in person and a lot of other millionaires who would be teaching me how to make money online.

I liked the approach of both these gurus. While John does it the same way movie trailers are released, giving me sneak peeks of the event and in the last mail telling me the worth of it all in terms of cold hard cash, Matt does the story thing(copywriting).

The only complain I have with Matt is that he did not try to build pressure on  me with the exclusivity and maybe that is because he sold all his inventory with one mail sent out to his million list if at all he is the guy with the million list.

I truly enjoyed penning this article discussing the strategies which set these guys apart from the herd. Many guys who have my e mail in their lists send me mails 3 or 4 times a day promoting crap. The sales may result in a profit of a few hundred dollars.If you are walking that path my advise would be to save yourselves from the rat race and try learning from the gurus the real way businesses are built.

Even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat.


  1. Holly Jahangiri

    Laugh out loud funny!! This blog post is a must-read – not for affiliates, but for the poor consumers out there, the hungry children drooling over the steaks.

    And suddenly, all becomes clear – just when you thought the “travel industry” (you know, real “travel agents” who would help you plan every action-packed second of a vacation of a LIFETIME) was dead, we get – “affiliate marketing conferences”!! It’s all about the beach, baby!! (With tax deductions thrown in to sweeten the deal and make the outrageous prices more palatable.)

  2. George

    yeah i feel so

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