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How to make money using your existing blog content?

Most of the times we hear the same old adage of creating more and more quality content, good content and some more content. Even if someone asks an advice to make money online the common thing which we notice in comments and discussions since the updates is that of producing more and more content.

Even I talk like that some days. But there’s a way out of this situation. We can re purpose our old content to make money off it.

Re purposing just means re cycling old content and presenting it in a new format that it comes worth consuming once more.

You have a lot of blog posts on your blog accumulated over time and as time passes your readers begin forgetting that content or you get so many new readers who do not know anything about the wonderful stuff that you have written in the past.

I will give you ways by which you will not only be able to bring all that before new readers but also make money off it. Interlinking is not the only way by which you can use your old posts.

1. Make an e book method

2. Re purposing old posts as you tube videos

3. Guest posting

1. E book:

If you have a lot of DIY kind of posts on your blog then the best way to use them is combine them all together under one piece and make an e book out of that.

Once you have that e book which is nothing but your old posts and maybe something new to make it sound contemporary all that you need to do is put a price tag on it and start selling.

Or else you can host it as a giveaway and upsell something else. For example you can hold a giveaway of an e mail marketing e book with your Aweber affiliate links on it, so that if anybody is interested in starting that they can buy aweber which is something that you are using.

2. Make you tube videos:

Do you know that you tube is the world’s second largest search engine? Millions of videos are uploaded to it every day and the traffic to these videos never ceases. People love videos as they are so easy to understand and make sense most of the time.

All that you need to do is hack this possibility and use some of your posts where you are explaining how you use a tool and make it into a video.

In the video you can include a call to action for others to have a look at a product or service that you are using.

Ileane from basicblogtips does that.

3. Guest posting:

Have you ever run a blogging experiment or done something out of the box. If so you can re mold the experiment and use it as an example in your guest posts wherever you guest post.

I have seen Oni Balusi using the same experiment of writing 31 guest posts on problogger, dailyblogtips and his own blog which gave him close to 1000 more subscribers- the money is in the list.

Sites like Problogger are ever on the run for exclusive and never before seen content and if you have done something unique, in addition to packaging it on your own blog you can use it elsewhere too.

This gives traffic to your blog and possibly a few sales.


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