Publishing your blog posts to twitter automatically

There are a lot of options on wordpress which allow you to integrate your twitter account with your blog and publish your posts on Twitter. There are plugins on wordpress for this very purpose and there are external applications but the that I have been using since I was on Blogger is Feedburner. Yes feedburner not only publishes your blog posts as RSS feeds but also has an option for directly publishing the blog posts to your twitter account and the good thing is that it works across platforms like Blogger and wordpress without trouble.

The first thing you need to do is to access your feedburner dashboard. Feedburner has been bought by Google and you need only a Google account for accessing Feedburner. Burn your feeds on feedburner and then go to the dashboard. From the dashboard select the publicize button and then add twitter account. It can either be your own twitter account or your blog’s twitter profile. People managing multiple blogs like Harsh of shoutmeloud with over 12 blogs prefer a twitter account for each blog.image thumb1 How to publish your blog posts directly to twitter?

You can customize the various options like whether you would like to publish your blog post title only or include the text too. Other options include adding hash tags and excluding posts with certain keywords.

Linking twitter and Facebook accounts

Many people like posting content to their Facebook fan pages and later associating their Twitter account along with the Facebook account. All the post on their Facebook fanpage is directly published to their twitter profile. I have a workaround here. Just link your Facebook and twitter accounts and allow your tweets to be published to your fan page. Feed burner has never failed me in publishing posts to twitter as soon as they are posted on my blog.