payza 1024x575 How to receive direct bank deposits from Payza?


I have great news to share with you all. Payza previously known as alertpay has become as good as paypal now. The reason is that it now transfers money directly into your bank account. Previously the only e money processor which could do that was paypal for India and now we can enjoy the same  privileges on payza. The good thing with Payza is that there are many sites which do not have paypal as their payment processor because of its strict rules but the same sites have payza as their accepted payment processor. I had some bucks on payza for quite a long time and was not withdrawing it because they can only wire the deposits and they charge $15  for that. The option for cheques hasn’t been working for a very long time and I am sure that with this step they will definitely reach out to a bigger audience.

How to make your Payza account eligible for bank transfers?

For making your Payza account eligible for bank transfers you need two things

  • You need a verified Payza account. Read how to verify your Payza account.
  • A valid pan card(you can enter this information only once)
  • Any address proof like electricity bill, copy of ration card, bank account statement etc..
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The requirements are similar to PayPal’s with the exception that they are also demanding a valid address proof. I  think that it will change in the future. Click on the verify document tab on your Payza account. next you will find a space to enter your pan card. Below that   the address documents need to be scanned and uploaded.


  • requirement of address proof
  • Payza charges $.50 per transaction which varies with the transaction amount which is way lower than the wire fees but still higher than that of PayPal’s fees.