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  1. Ankit

    hello, nice post, i am going to apply for icici but before i wanted to know whether it will work with itunes or not?
    none of any debit card is working on itunes and google play store

  2. Hari


    I also found in some forum that icici easy shop debit card works with paypal,but when i visited icici website,turned out there is no card in that can u suggest me which card and account type to choose?

    • I am using savings account and the atm card which is also a debit card. The minimum balance is 5000. If you have more doubts ask me

  3. Hari

    And i also forgot to mention only HDFC bank offers debit cards in the name of easyshop

  4. Ankit

    so now confirm please which debit card is working fine with paypal?
    if any debit card which is working fine with paypal means it should also work for other international sites like itunes or google play store

  5. Ankit

    thank you george you saved my life…
    can you tell me the exact name of debit card whichever is working?
    so i can directly ask bank to provide me that card?

    • As you can see the image in the post, it is an N Cash debit card with silver colour. You get the same when you open a savings bank account. There is no particular name for it, I just know that it has been working for me since the past 13 months

  6. vishal shetty

    Hi nice information, but the debit card u r using has a line on card as * FOR ELECTRONIC USE ONLY.

    Becoz what i came to know while searching on internet is that paypal does not accept indian debit cards which have such statement written .

    Is it true as i have not tried it yet, coz almost all banks debit cards comes with that statement written on it.

    Plz help

    • I don’t know from where you got all that information. What I know and use is this debit card and it works.

  7. vishal shetty

    Thank you George for your information…

    I have small doubt ….

    I have a paypal account verified using my idbi account….

    & i have not added/linked any debit card to it…..still my paypal status is showing verified….

    I have applied for ICICI savings account in order to get debit card……

    Now what i need to do is simply link my icici debit card to paypal & after verfication i can make international puchase….

    Is it correct way i am going? please suggest.

    Please help & thank you in advance…

    • Yes you need to enter your icici account details and make it your primary account. Only when it is made the primary account can you make purchase with it. Paypal will charge around $2 and also give it back to make sure that its yours. You will have to enter the amount that was charged, you can also use the same card to verify your payza/alertpay account. Hope this helps. Are you planning to start blogging?

  8. vishal shetty

    Hi George

    thank you for your help, as per your post i applied for icici bank account & i got SMART SHOPPER VISA DEBITCARD from them….

    as soon as card was activated i tried it on my paypal account, I couldn’t believe it was successfully verified with paypal in just 2 minutes…..

    thank you George you are really genius….

    Before I make any bigger transaction I want to check whether paypal is deducting my balance from icici bank account or not for any purchase.

    Could you suggest me any simple method by which i can verify that my paypal & icici debit card is working properly…

    Thank you in advance…

  9. vishal shetty

    Hi George I want to thank you once again for your help & for your post….

    I purchased a domain name, & paid via paypal & it worked 100% successfully.

    My ICICI bank acount was debited with correct amount….

    thank you once again….

    • Nice to hear that, from where did you buy the domain godaddy?

      • vishal shetty

        Nope….. From

        • How is big rock for domains, do they offer discounts, I usually shop at godaddy. Will it be possible to redirect a blogspot site with a domain bought at big rock

          • vishal shetty

            Ya from last 2 years I am purchasing domains from , the advantage you get is

            1. You get discounts each n every time you visit bigrock
            2. You will get domain name privacy free of cost with bigrock, godaddy will not give you free domain name privacy they will charge you about 350 to 400 rs/year….

            That’s the difference between &……

            I didn’t actually understand what you want to say about bigrock domain & blogspot……

            Are you buying hosting & domain separately from godaddy or you purchase their blog hosting package…..

          • I was saying about hosting the site on blogger, blogspot provides free hosting

    • Ankit

      dude ! i cant find this card details on ICICI website…
      can you tell me the exactly which card you’d applied for?

      also tell me what the requirements to open account on ICICI
      my past experience was very bad with private sector banks

      • You will not find the card info on the site as this card is not anything special You will get it once you open a savings bank account. The requirement is an initial cash deposit of 5000 and two photos, pan card or voter id something, the usual and the service is great

  10. Sam

    @ vishal shetty

    Bro, Can you tell me which smart shopper debit card you have got ? i.e. Silver, Gold and also is it privilege account or normal saving account ? There are few debit cards from ICICI that dont work with paypal like HPCL.

  11. Sam

    @ George

    Hello Bro, Can you confirm whether we can do transaction though ICICI debit card ? I have seen peoples can successfully verify their ICICI bank account with paypal but they are not able to add their debit card with paypal and not able to receive 4 digit code for transaction process.

    • I did a transaction yesterday. I have no idea why it did not work for others. I just wish now that icici had an affiliate program

  12. Gopa Kumar Ravi

    Hey,u all confirms that ICICI debit card works,so i took an ac and i got Smart shopper Visa Debit card….let see if it works or not…..

  13. Gopa Kumar Ravi

    I got Smart Shopper silver visa debit as instant card without name card isnt activated yet as check is in da clearance status..i wil use my ac name as name of da card..i am thinking i shud register 1st VBV 3D,then use,or b4 that?

  14. Gopa Kumar Ravi

    Let me,see,it works or not,i wil let u know george,i am on

  15. Sam

    @ Gopa Kumar Ravi

    Bro, I also have applied for ICICI saving account today. Instead of Instant welcome kit I applied for personalized debit card. I will get my welcome kit withing 7 working days. I think ICICI sends SMART SHOPPER SILVER INTERNATIONAL Debit card by default. Could you tell us the silver debit card worked on paypal or not ? Also did you register for VBV 3D before linking it to paypal ?

    @ George

    I think the real reason paypal declining indian debit cards is VBV 3D secure so one should not register for 3D secure- Not sure though 🙂

  16. Gopa Kumar Ravi

    @Sam, My ICICI ac is currently in activation process,i got instant card,so i wil try it 1st without registering it with VBV 3D..

  17. Sam

    @ Gopa Kumar Ravi

    Thank-you bro. Please let us know here once you activate your paypal and how you activate it 🙂

  18. Sam

    @ Seekdefo

    Yesterday I verified my ICICI Silver Internationl Visa Platinum Debit card with the Paypal without any restrictions. It was done within 5 minutes I just couldn’t believe it that it was done so quickly. Paypal debited amount of 1.03 INR and 128.60 INR from my ICICI savings account equivalent to 1.95 $ I got message on my cellphone immediately and got the 4 digit code I then put that code on Paypal and that was it!! And then I added my ICICI bank account info it was done within five mins. Now I am waiting for PAN verification from Paypal side. 🙂

    @ George

    Bro, I might send you 1$ on your E-mail address to confirm that sending and receiving money works 🙂

  19. Sam

    @ Gopa Kumar Ravi

    Bro, I tried verifying it first without registering into 3D secure website of ICICI and It worked!

  20. Gopa Kumar Ravi

    @ George and Sam…My ICICI Silver International Visa Platinum Debit card is accepted by is instant card…i used,not personalised..It confirms that ICICI supports International websites without on 3D secure crap of RBI…other banks seems doesnt supports non indian websites…I am confirming Instant card is enough for verification!

  21. Gopa Kumar Ravi

    If we try to verify pp after registering with 3D secure…it may not work…although its a relief that ICICI debit cards works like credit cards in all international websites………

  22. Sam

    @ George

    Bro, I tried sending you 1$ but Paypal rejected it! Here what it says:

    We notice that you are attempting to pay an Indian resident user. The payment you initiated has been blocked. PayPal only facilitates international payments and cannot be used for domestic payments within India. We suggest you find alternative methods to complete the payment. If you believe that the person you attempted to pay is not based in India, please contact PayPal customer support!!

    Can’t we send money to Indian Paypal users across India ?

    • Ah yes, I came to know about this only a week ago, As per new RBI rules Indians cannot use Paypal to send money to each other, try buying a domain or something

  23. Vineet

    hi i added a icici debit card into my paypal account and they want icici credit online statement how can i get it please help me ?

    • I think they’re only asking you to find the amount that gets debited from the account and not a statement. You should receive that in a sms

  24. Sam

    @ George

    Thank-you bro for verifying that data for us.

  25. Amaroon

    hello sir..can i use icici debit card for funding paypal…..icici debit card working now days or not..thanks

  26. spondon mukherjee

    can money transaction between us and india be done now?

    • There was never a problem between transactions among us and USA but it can’t be done between indians

  27. Sahil Dhull

    Hi George,

    I am having ICICI Silver International Visa Platinum Debit card and it doesn’t accepted by PayPal. I am getting the following error – “The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer’s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue.” please help me brother.

  28. @ Sahil Dhull
    I has the same card,may be your card is registered to 3D secure or it may not be activated by the bank properly!!!.Test withdrawal process from ATM and then try to add it again.!!!

  29. Sam

    @ Sahil Dhull

    Bro, Me and Gopa Kumar Ravi having the same card as you have but we verified successfully on Paypal.

    Did you register for 3D secure PIN before activating it to Paypal ? Then maybe that is the reason behind this. Otherwise Paypal accepts ICICI debit card instantly!

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