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How to write articles faster, some pro writing tips

In my last article I told you about daily blogging. The most important piece of shit that you own is your own blog and no matter what you should pay attention to it. A lot of noise exists, noise which tells you about social media, guest blogging etc but what you must pay attention to is your business your BLOG.

So to do that you need to be able to not only write articles faster you also need to be more productive at what you do. How many times have we landed on Facebook to promote our content and ended up wasting lot of hours, hours that could have made us money.

To effectively become a successful blogger you need to do more with your time.

Procrastination is just like masturbation, in the end you end up fucking yourselves.

*Keep a journal of ideas:

I will give you my strategy which helps me to manage my time effectively. I do a lot of stuff which includes link building for my niche blogs, writing content here, researching, commenting, participating in contests, guest blogging and freelancing. No one gets more than 24 hours a day and I get less because I have college to attend.

In my college I will have a lot of un productive time, un productive because I am not in front of my business. So instead of looking at the pretty faces of teachers I focus my attention on what should my next post be. Once I have an idea I jot it down before it lands in an eternal abyss.

Got it. Keep a journal of ideas where you write whatever inspires you.

Next, just because I had an idea doesn’t mean that it will change the world so I log in to Google Ad words to search for keywords and jot down searches with 4k to 6k searches. Sometimes if the topic so demands I write epic posts and Google loves me for that.

A lot of SEO can be summed in two words- “ Keyword Research”.

Suppose you are not at college, you are in a bus, then type it on your phone and then copy it down later on.

I suggest buying a 2013 Diary because that’s the most productive tool invented by mankind.

* Before writing about something, read about it:

There are two ways to build authority, one is to have them link to you or you link to them. Everything that we attempt to write has already been written by others and the only thing that we can do is approach the subject with a fresh angle.

What you can do is include the angles of several people in your writing and make it cut like a diamond. Share the view points of others. Tell your readers real life case studies about how people actually did stuff and you sure are the winner.

A writer should be a reader first and maybe sometimes later I will share with you the awesome stuff that I read sometimes. Case studies of real life successes are what which interest me- Heavily!

Once you have read about something ideas will flow like Niagara waterfalls.

*Pre write your article titles and headings:

You will not have one idea but many ideas. So make use of that. Download a software like Windows Live writer and start writing, pre poning your posts. The thing that happens to me is that once I start writing I will have several ideas. For example I started writing this post but ended up writing about DAILY BLOGGING instead. This is the original post that I intended.

Once you have written the headings and all come back later and finish it. It will be done much faster.

So keep them coming!

* Write like there’s no tomorrow

Do you remember the frenzy that was created during the Mayan end of the world rumours? How people went insane? Something similar should go with your brain? Write as if there is no tomorrow, just write, whether your grammar is not right, whether there are a million typos don’t worry just write, you can’t lose the flow. Once done edit with the cruelty of a she bear in anger. Correct the typos and put the necessary tags like h1, h2 you know the drill. The important thing is that writing and editing are tow separate jobs which need to be done separately.

You will become a much better writer


  1. rahul

    i am an article writer..your tips are very helpful..keep posting

  2. I like the idea of pre-writing your article titles and headlines. In my daily commute to work, I could better use my time to focus on these. Thanks

  3. Iam a blogger.Your tips are excellant and helpful.Keep posting

  4. Jason James

    Heh, Good article. I don’t pre-write. I just let thoughts flow through my mind and to my keyboard naturally.

  5. Jack

    Well, as a blogger I need all the tips for writing articles faster because I need good articles for my blog. Thanks for sharing.

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