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My Interview with Tung Tran of cloudlivingjourney

Today I am interviewing Tung Tran of CloudLivingJourney. Tung is the person who inspired me to start my own niche site case study and I was somewhat successful with that site.


Tung has been inspiring a lot of people lately with his success story. He is from Vietnam and let’s see what’s up his sleeves.



tungtran cloudlivingjourney2 My Interview with Tung Tran of cloudlivingjourney


Me:Are you a full time internet marketer or do you have a job as well?


Tung:I’ve just dropped out of college so yes I’m a full time internet marketer now


Me: It takes a great deal of courage to drop out of college.Do you think relying on SEO will be alright for niche sites or any site for the long term


Tung: No


Me:So do think you will do or change for a long term income


Tung: Just look at site like or and copy their strategy write super quality content + content marketing + build a huge following build a list as well but I think SEO is still a good traffic generation strategy for now paid traffic is a great way to drive traffic as well


Me: Great idea, I am thinking on the same lines. Have you ever thought of learning ppc and ppv?


Tung: It’s all about ROI, yes. testing sometimes

Me: Great. How did you get started online, like age, how did you earn your first dollar


Tung: it’s a long journey


Me: But the starting point


Tung: I built my first website when I was at grade 7, 13 years old


Me: What was it about?


Tung: I just wanted to create a blog for my class the domain was then I felt in love with WordPress and Blogging


Me: is it live still


Tung: no

it died after one week hahaa


Me: ha ha ha


Tung: actually I made my first dollar from paid to upload ,do you know about that ?

you upload something

you share the link

people download it

you make money


Me: I made mine by paid to download, fileice why the name Cloudlivingjourney

Made around $150 with months of work, one my videos went almost viral zbigz premium accounts

Tung: Yeah at that time I was making like $1000 per month

the name was inspired by


Me: nice. What is wake up cloud about?

Tung: check it out

Me: What are the mistakes that you made in your blogging journey?

Not start an email list sooner, don’t have a publishing schedule.

Me:If someone was starting this day to blog and he wanted to succeed what is the single most important piece of advice that you would give to him/her

Tung:Build an email list

– Write exceptionally high quality content

– Build relationship with other bloggers.

Me:Who inspires you?

Tung: Tim Ferris, Chris Ducker and Noah Kagan

Me: What is your daily routine for success?

Tung:I’m not success right now haha but I usually set 3 MITS (most important task) the night before


  1. hi George

    the interview is OK

    I’d expect more meat with next interviews, or maybe I’m requesting too much? 🙂

    Anyway, Tung, I like your common sense advice, and the daily “success” routine.


  2. Hi George
    Today taking interview of other growing bloggers is really become trendy. It helps other bloggers to learn something new from that blogger. Thanks for sharing this interview with us. It really helped me a lot. 😀

  3. Killie

    The interview is great!!! Tung is inspiring on how he started. I’ll check the websites that are being mentioned..

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