Link-able is a new online platform that recently debuted its beta version to Content Marketers across the web. It officially launched in late 2018, and it’s already gaining momentum. The website features a sleek, mobile responsive design, making it easy to navigate and get down to business.

If you’re a website owner, blogger, SEO professional, or anyone who needs to acquire backlinks, then you’re going to want to join Link-able as a Content Marketer. The platform will connect you with writers, journalists, and influencers— which Link-able calls Content Authors—who are eager to build the backlinks you need.

In short, Link-able has made building backlinks easier, making it easy for those wanting links discover people who can provide those links.

Authors benefit by earning more for their content while you acquire organic backlinks to improve your presence online. Everyone wins.

How it Works

As mentioned earlier the platform can be used both by Content Marketers and Content Authors.

A screenshot of the Content Marketer’s dashboard, showing the links you’ve acquired over the last 30 days.

As the Content Marketer, you can log in and post a link you want authors to promote in the Projects section. You can add as many details as you would like (the more, the better) so Link-able can index it.

Your project then appears for Content Authors who are searching for relevant links that can be included inside their blog posts.

If an author likes the link and feels confident about backlinking to it, they can send a brief application to you with an explanation of how they would build the backlink.

An example of what a project might look like for a Content Marketer

Each author publishes their work on relevant, high-authority websites, and including your backlink helps them earn more for their writing.

As the Content Marketer, you have complete control over whether you approve or decline the author’s application. If you accept the application, the Content Author will start building the link and send it in for approval when it is complete.

With multiple Content Authors backlinking to your pages across the web, you can build a relevant, diverse set of backlinks to improve organic traffic. This way, you have an edge over your competitors.

A Closer Look at Link-Able

Linkable was launched in November 2018. The company is designed to make link building easier for Content Marketers who are looking for excellent content. It also helps outstanding authors earn more for their writing so they can focus on their craft.  

Here, Content Marketers can get discovered by talented and well-known Content Authors who can build high-quality backlinks for them. Content Marketers can rest assured that they’re receiving quality work and feel good about helping authors earn extra revenue for their writing in a mutually-beneficial relationship.

The platform acts as a search engine for authors and the projects posted by Content Marketers are what appears in the search results. The authors then take the initiative to reach out and build the link, reducing the time and effort needed on behalf of the Content Marketer.

Link-able strives to be the most efficient, effective way to build blog/editorial links. No mixed results, no dead-end outreach, no crossing your fingers to get discovered, just a single post advertised to elite authors.

Emphasis on Quality

As if to embody its clean, intuitive platform, Link-able maintains a focus on quality throughout its operations. The website quickly answers any questions or concerns a Content Marketer might have, and they have strict content guidelines designed to “make the Web better,” as their website puts it.

The most important area for quality is, of course, content and backlinks. This is where this service shines, in my opinion. I’ve highlighted my favorite points below:


  • They vet everyone. Both Content Marketers and Content Authors are vetted before being allowed on the platform. Marketers need to have high-quality websites or blogs with content worthy of being linked to by writers. Authors must have extensive experience in their industry with a proven record of exceptional work. The Link-able team also reviews everything authors submit, working closely with them to ensure Content Marketers receive only the best quality work.
  • A clear mission. The Link-able mission is to help Content Marketers build the best backlinks while helping talented Content Authors earn more. They have no ulterior motives and ban authors who use black hat marketing techniques. Link-able is white hat only.
  • Smaller sites have a chance. Smaller websites and blogs have a chance against multi-million-dollar companies here. They can connect with elite authors and rank higher on google with organic traffic and results.
  • Pre-determined prices. Link-able determines the prices authors charge and takes a small cut. While they do charge premium prices, there’s no guesswork and authors can focus more on quality.


Perks aside, the essence of it is that Link-able is making effective and efficient link building a reality. If you’re looking to save time while creating the best links and brand mentions, they’ll connect you with Content Authors who are writing relevant, engaging work.

The Link-able website also features an extensive FAQ section with info on their guarantees, payment methods, etc., and a detailed about section, for those who are interested to know more.

What’s the Catch?

With such a comprehensive list of benefits, you’re probably wondering what the catch is. While I couldn’t find much that I’d consider a drawback, I’ve highlighted a couple of points you’ll want to be aware of below:

  • It takes time. Link-able can’t help you build dozens of top-notch backlinks overnight, and they’re not the 24-hour reputation solution some people are hoping to find. Over time, however, Link-able promises to be a reliable platform that can help you gain several quality backlinks.
  • It’s not for everyone. Link-able prohibits gambling and adult websites, and overly spammy websites. This control helps fulfill their promise to the Content Authors of carefully vetting Content Marketers.
  • You still need some effort. As a Content Marketer, you’ll still need to put in some effort by posting the projects on the platform. Your projects need to be well-written and you will need to accurately describe them with care. If you try to rush this, you won’t get many Content Authors outreaching to you.  

The Takeaway

The modus operandi isn’t too different from similar services launched before but the vetting process makes it unique in its own right. There are hundreds of low-quality sites being paraded around as legitimate link opportunities on Facebook groups and through unsolicited emails. They try to be different.

Moreover, they’re answering a demand for quality editorial or guest post backlinks on authoritative and relevant websites, and they’re executing it in a mutually beneficial way that makes everyone happy. If you’re a Content Marketer looking for a more straightforward way to build your presence online, Link-able is a great platform to give a try. Likewise, if you’re a Content Author, Link-able is a great way to earn better revenue for your work.