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286+ list of commentluv blogs for do follow blog commenting

I know I could have made this list insanely awesome if I had but provided the links to all blogs, I have not but I have made a pdf file which contains all these commentluv blogs with their links which you can download by entering your e mail below.

You also be getting my niche domination e book worth $97 for free.

Commentluv is something that has taken the blogging community by a storm. More articles have been written about it and shared than any other plugin. Every blogger wants a piece of this pie and ends up installing it.

In fact the very reason that I prepared this post is the number of searches that happen everyday on the web for a list of commentluv blogs, do follow commenting etc.

But the number of blogs that actually allow do follow links are few, they can be counted on your fingers. If you doubt my statement then just build links from some of these blogs by commenting and after a few days just enter the post link to which you have built backlinks on open site explorer and I bet you will be surprised at the number of blogs that actually give do follow links. Even in this massive commentluv blog list only one or two blogs actually give do follow links.

Instead of living in a myth try concentrating your energies on building inner links to your blogs with blogs that don’t have commentluv since commentluv can be used only for the first 10 posts. Secondly commentluv blogs have so many comments that the link juice passed unto you if at all is quite less, your link juice gets diluted in 100s of links.

Surprised ! Well that’s the truth and commentluv is not be associated with do follow because it always isn’t do follow.

Commentluv gives an option to the bloggers if they want the links to be do follow and most of them opt for no follow. Earning a do follow link is hard and guest blogging seems to be only way you can do that.

However you will get what you came searching for, a mega uber list of commentluv blogs

I have divided the list into do follow blogs, commentluv blogs regarding which I have no idea whether they are do follow or no follow and some great no follow blogs at the very end worth commenting on. I also have made it sure that most of these blogs are updated regularly and have made every effort to avoid obsolete blogs:

DO follow blogs to go and comment on:

Home Page
Commentluv blog list to go and comment on:


Welcome to The 2 Create a Website Blog





Advice You Should Get About Hotels



Famous Bloggers

The Blog About Everything

How to Start Your Own Blog

Daily Design Inspiration & Random Photography Collections blog







TechJay – Tech Website for UK Residents!

The Live In France Guide For Foreigners And Their Francophobic Friends

Internet- & Techblog


Famous Bloggers



SEO for everyone



  1. Holly Jahangiri

    You didn’t include mine!

    Never mind, I think I’m really okay with that… 😉

    How ironic that you don’t have CommentLuv configured and working on this post, George.

  2. Thanks for informing me that. I recently changed the theme and I think commentluv was momentarily disabled. And sure I will include yours, that makes our list 181, any more suggestions??

  3. Woody

    Hey George,

    This list is very helpful. As well I read your article about your HostGator promotions and how you got stiffed on your commissions.

    Thanks for the heads up about that. I have used HostGator for years now and haven’t had a problem but then again I’ve never tried to operate their affiliate program.

    You made some key points and it was very useful. Tell me did you ever figure out what went wrong? Was it the cookies in their browser or was it HostGators Servers?


    • Yep I figured it out and i met a lot of bloggers who too were cheated from their commissions. I will do a follow up post with all those testimonials. Hostgator is bad partnership very bad, I am now with Bluehost

  4. Naveen

    Wonderful lists, I request adding my blog link, which is ComLuv enabled.

    Thanks 🙂

    • I added your blog and I have made the list even more amazing by totalling it to 286 sites, you can suggest more blogs if you want.

  5. Vipin

    I am new in blogging line, i Liked the way you present your aticles. I read your blogs regularly. Your posts related to link build up and blogging are excellent.
    Can you tell me some way to build quality links quickly?
    I have subcribed to your comments and love to know your views..plz share

    • Link building would differ based on what you like to rank. If its video then you need fiverr gigs, if its an authority site like what I am trying to build here then guest posts and commenting- that’s the fastest way. If you are into building niche sites like me then you would need article submissions, press releases, wikis, web 2.0 sites,basically use a software like ultimate demon to automate the process. Well some of my advice may sound like black hat but I tell only the stuff that works for me and it works. For more tutorials and help you can mail me and I sure will help you, Even if you are not subscribed to the comments you will get a reply me notification, thanks for coming over Vipin

  6. Lee

    Great info will see which ones of these are relevant to what I am doing quite early on for me and from what I have been reading it is best to just comment on blogs or posts that are relevant.

    Great heads up thanks lee

  7. Collizo4sky

    Admin, add my commentluv tech blog 2 it

  8. Siegfried

    thats pretty good list, thank you for sharing!

  9. Amit Sharma

    Thanks for sharing these awesome list of do-follow blogs please list my blogs

    Thanks in advance

  10. Vikram

    Awesome list, i love it… thanks for creating it…

    You did a lot of hard work, as a blogger i really appreciate that

  11. Ansh

    Please add my blog to the list too. Its PR- 3 blog.

  12. Brunner Nathan

    Hi George,
    I wanted to ask you if you could add my blog to your Dofollow Commentluv list. The address is: It is a PR4 blog, so it will bring interessant link juice to the commentators.
    This is an answers-questions blog, it is on various topics such as Music, Science, Finance, Technology…
    Hope you will add it.
    Best regards, Brunner Nathan

  13. Lily

    This is a very helpful and interesting post. I enjoyed reading it and its very informative. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Marion Grant

    Commentluv really a big help and a great widget. I can observe my site gain more traffic since the day I installed it.

  15. Feastifer Biiliki

    I’ve been reading a lot of blog about commentluv and I can say it really work best for a site specially in gaining for visitors.

  16. Lvuin Sesey

    When were talking about great widget for a site CommentLuv really got on top. It really helps me in building my site even better.

  17. Marc Law

    When it comes to widgets, CommentLuv really works best for my Site. Such a great apps and it help me to attract more visitors.

  18. Dalrek Zira

    If you have not added the CommentLuv Premium widget to your blog, you are missing out on a ton of opportunities that you do not get with the regular CommentLuv widget.

  19. Kevin Macaulay

    The benefit of commenting on a no-follow blog is the possible referral traffic you get from having a no-follow link on that blog. And while you’re commenting on that blog you get to see who else commented on that blog.

  20. Vanita Cyril

    yeah…The Strategic Mama is not a dofollow blog. Never has been. Got to wonder how many more of these are not dofollow…

  21. Vanita Cyril

    and while we’re at it, this blog isn’t dofollow either.

  22. Jose Neal

    Awesome stuff! I’ll try installing this CommentLuv apps to my site. Hope it really works well for me personally.

  23. Jimmy Lings

    Thanks to share this updated comment luv blogs list. By this we can improve our website traffic along with good backlinks.

  24. andy

    huge list………. i become very happy when i show big list of defollow blog site ………. It very useful specially for me…….. thanks for the beautiful post……

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    thenk you

  26. Kingsley Agu

    Wow! Bookmarked for future use!
    PR update is coming up next month, so I’m zealously going to buld links back to my blog with the little time I still have.
    I really need a high PR like seriously.

    Thanks for this great list!

  27. Thanks for the list.It helped my blog

  28. KeithRobinson

    Thanks a lot for sharing. Now I can just copy paste these URLs to go directly to each blog and comment.

  29. Thanks for the Commentluv Enabled Blogs list George bro. No doubt that comluv enabled blogs are great way to make quick backlinks but on other hand its very difficult task to find such a blogs. Nice to see that you have prepared the list sorted by Page Rank.

  30. I really appreciate the effort you’ve made to compile this list. The fact is getting harder and harder to find dofollow reliable blogs to comment on.

  31. great sharing, but we have to wait the comment to approve first :(,

  32. Alan Oliver

    This is a great resource for everyone who likes to comment as a way to drive traffic to their website and keeping up with the blogging scene.

    ps.. my blog is do follow 🙂

  33. Inpage Urdu

    nice post and blog really help me by owt4pk

  34. Wow! thanks friend to give such a large list of dofollow blogs, I will increase my page rank by commenting in these blog

  35. Wow! such a huge kist of high pr blogs I will definitely make useful comment on them

  36. This is a damn cool list.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  37. pagoefectivo

    hey bro, thanks for such a list, i’ll try, thanks

  38. That`s huge list of blog to comment on.

    George, I think you need to update this list with my domain. Because am going to take cumluv in few days.


  39. Thanks for the sharing of the huge list. It is very useful to build more backlink ton increase my blogs SERP.

  40. FANTASTIC LIST! Although my hands don’t half hurt after typing a unique comment on 2 articles for each of the listed sites! Off 2 bed now lol!

    Thanks a million! Your my SEO Legend 🙂

  41. stephens

    Thks for this great list. These will surely get me a good PR

  42. Great list George, can you know organise them by niche for me! 🙂

    • That would be pretty difficult but one thing is that most of these blogs are about blogging or seo

  43. Thanks for this huge list..

  44. Really great post! This list helps me very much and I was looking for such list.Thanks for sharing.

  45. Very informative post. A comprehensive list.

  46. I’m keeping this list! Great way to find new blogs for me. I have a travel related blog with CommentLuv. I don’t know if it can be included or not. I am not at the place to make money on it, but it is growing and I will be in the future.

  47. bilal khan

    A huge profitable thing that can give a powerful do follow back links

  48. Simran

    Wow….this indeed is a great list. Surely i’ll comment on a couple of them.
    Thanks for providing the list. 🙂

  49. shafeeq

    No doubt that comluv enabled blogs are great way to make quick backlinks but on other hand its very difficult task to find such a blogs. Nice to see that you have prepared the list sorted by Page Rank.

  50. Navneet

    Thanks for the list bro , however i think its too much and one should create limited links as google may ban if one spam the blogs 🙂

  51. Strong SEO

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  52. Hi, great list. You could add my blog also to the list if you want.

  53. Hey Bro,
    Nice collections this helps me a lot to comment on those blogs to build back links for me and also to increase Page Rank thanks for taking time to update this list

  54. I just install plugin premium commentluv. While searching info about that i saw this blog. When see the 286+ list of commentluv blogs for do follow blog commenting
    It help me to Blogwalking thank you the nice blog 🙂

  55. It should be another nice post from you. Thanks for sharing

  56. Thanks a lot George, The list will surely help in connecting with other bloggers and also for quality backlinks

  57. First of all thanks for the huge list of the dofollow blogs. But I am finding it tough to find out Sports blog in that category. Please help me out ?

  58. It can really help me build backlinks for free. Thanks

  59. thank you so much for this big list

  60. arinajesy jesy

    Thanks for your list that is helpful for me because i am a freelancer doing blog commenting. To my senior blogger, it would be better if any one post blog list with category.

  61. great urls and this,i am sure it will take me ages to get through them all.if they work

  62. Excellent list. I might add one too soon

  63. Hi, Thanks for the links. Cheers

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  65. This is a nice list. Keep up the good work! By the way, you could also add my blog,, it’s comment luv enabled. What do you think?

  66. Thanks a ton mate. I have been looking for this list as i wanted to get few backlinks to my new blog.
    CommentLuv blogs not only helps to get a good PR for your blog but they also boost the SERP rank of your articles.

  67. Thanks for sharing this nice great and working list.

  68. Thanks for the good work

  69. Great Article .. Thanks for sharing it , I learned A lot by reading this article .. Keep moving 🙂

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    Thanks for sharing good and well post, looking nice and attractive , I am also looking such type of blog

  71. Though this list needs to be updated as most of the links doesn’t work but still the collection is really great for beginners like us.

  72. Thanks buddy , i’m looking for do follow blog for get a pagerank quickly .. Good article

  73. Lindsay Felts

    Great List!
    I love commenting after reading an interesting article. So as this list is to have in consideration for other occasions, this is a great article.
    Thanks for sharing

  74. subway surfer Hack

    Awesome post Mate. nice list of comment luv blogs, Comment Luv is indeed a great plugin for WordPress.
    A blog is not a blog, Without CommentLuv !!

  75. Hey dude awesome post buddy thank a lot for such good content……:)

  76. Orjiakor

    Commentluv is the best comment plugin in wordpress .
    Thanks, for listing all these commentluv enabled blogs.

  77. Purna

    Thanks George. My site is three years old authority site on Printable Wedding Planners. Either it was because, I didn’t bothered much to back links or I didn’t know much about CLuve and its effectiveness in building a good reputation, my PR struggling at 0. Thanks for your inspirational articles, I have changed my mind and definitely want to spend sometimes on it regularly. If my PR improves, I will be very grateful for your kind advice and let you know my improvement. Wish you lots of success-

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    This list is very helpful. Please do update this list as I think it has become old now. BTW thanks for this valuable information.

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