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My Monitor Backlinks Review

I had promised you guys that I would do the review of a tool that helps me find out more about the quality of the backlinks. There are a few things that we can do with it and I will show you how to find your competition’s best backlinks with this tool.

You can also get a detailed report of the backlinks that are being built to your site with the help of Monitor Backlinks.

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  1. Thanks George for the detailed video review.

    I am the Founder of Monitor Backlinks, if anyone has any questions shoot them in the comments here. I’ll keep an eye on this post comments.

    • Great to see you here Razvan. Much appreciated. I hope our readers have ton of questions for you

  2. You’ve produced a great review. Most of the software trials I admit I have not had the time to actually test, due to the learning curve involved. Having someone go through that process and then see it put through its paces is valuable. Much appreciated.

    Monitor Backlinks is a product I believe will be very useful.

    – Cole

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