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My niche site makes its first sale[Update: Second sale]

How are you guys doing? In my last few posts I told you how I made a niche site and ranked it on the first page of Google in 11 days. The site currently sits on the first page 3rd position for the keyword “best adjustable dumbbells” that has 1600 exact local US searches.

You can see my ranking here

best adjustable dumbbells Google Search My niche site makes its first sale[Update: Second sale]

I have also detailed my strategy behind discovering hot niches from Amazon. If you follow this tutorial you will get to know how to find keywords that make you at least a $1000 per month.

This case study started to identify if building links to the money site directly from article directories and web 2.0s is a good strategy or not. I may get answers to my questions soon.

You can see that I have sold a dumbbell here. The sale was made on 7th august 2013 but since I don’t check my amazon earnings daily I could not report. I had started this site on 21st of July and made the first in a fortnight.

niche site makes money My niche site makes its first sale[Update: Second sale]

If this inspires you then start making niche sites following my tutorial and very soon you will find yourself raking in cash.

The second sale was made on 18th August I guess

My niche site makes second sale My niche site makes its first sale[Update: Second sale]

I had started my first  website 3 years back and at that time I did not make a single penny. The reason was that it was on something that could never be properly monetized. Fast forward to now it took just 11 days to sell something worth 300 bucks.

long tail pro1 1024x467 My niche site makes its first sale[Update: Second sale]


  1. hi George

    Congrats for the first sale, I guess your effort is starting to pay off, is it?

    By the way… are you reading Tung Tan’s blog? He has a niche blog in the same niche, targeting the same keyword… you may want to read his content, and check what he’s doing… there are some value-driven lessons we all can absorb from there…

    I like to think of myself as a niche marketing sponge… LOL


    • I started this case study based on Tung’s niche site experiment. I did not want to reveal my own sites and since Tung was already doing a public case study I too jumped. Btw I have no intent of trying to outrank him. My efforts were to study the impact of directly linking web 2.0s and article directories to the money site with great anchor text diversity.

  2. Hello George,
    ha, i just found myself coming to your blog every single day.

    Well, that is so nice to hear that you have just made your first sale, and it’s really motivating.

    i will try my best to start earning from Amazon though, till date, i have not earn a penny from Amazon, and it’s almost making the game boring.

    But with this information you share here, my zeal is rekindled.

    Thanks for this.

  3. Congratulation on your first sale! and it will be super cool to see if you can implement this on a different niche. I have read your blog how you rank your dumbbell site and it is still amazing!

    • I have several sites on different niches but never had success with amazon, tasting success these days

  4. theblogarticles

    Thanks for these useful resources. I hope i can kick start my way into full time blogging career soon.

  5. Hey George,
    Congrats on this sale bro. It’s another inspiration to me.
    Hope you make more sales

  6. Congrats for making the first. I too made my first sale a month ago and the feeling we get after making sales is unexpressible.

  7. ivan

    Hey, thanks for the case study, really opens some things for me. One question though. Can you describe how you set up the link velocity in GSA SER? Do you just let it post all the time without pausing the campaign? And also, do you use any indexing service as well?

    • I control the link velocity by selecting sites that have less than 50 outgoing links, that way not many bad quality links are built. I don’t use any indexing service, I use sweet submitter to blast a few thousand comment links to the lower tiers

  8. Alok

    Hi George,

    This is a very impressive and inspirational case study. I am wondering what happened to your site as I can’t see it anymore in the search results.

    Would you say that the low quality backlinks caused your fall in the serps.

    How many sales did you make from your niche site when it was on the 1st page.

    • I changed the theme yesterday and I think because of the change in SEO structure the site has to be indexed again. 4 sales

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