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How I ranked a niche site on the first page of Google in 11 days?

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Today I am going to share with you guys a case study of how I ranked a niche site that on the first page of Google in 11 short days. The domain was registered on 21st of July 2013 and yesterday on August 2,2013 it ranked on the first page of Google.

I will show you the step by step strategy on how I did it and what led me to success.

First off, I have to say that this case study was born of another case study. Since that is already a public case study which invited a lot of competition I decided to test the waters myself and see if I could out rank all those competing sites.

I was very much successful with that attempt as you can see that the site is already ranking.

Before I go into the details of the site let me share with  a list of low competition highly searched keywords that can easily make you $1000 every month. Share to download now.


Ok show me the site

The site is and the main keyword it ranks for is best adjustable dumbbells.

You can its current rank at the end of the post.

Tung Tran from Cloudliving made his niche site on the same keyword and his site ranks at the top. The keyword gets 2400 exact match global searches and 1600 exact match local( USA) searches.

You can see the keyword competition and the search volume on Long tail Pro in the below image.long tail pro How I ranked a niche site on the first page of Google in 11 days?

When he started the site, the competition was only 35 which is a good number by Long tail Pro standards and now it has peaked at 41 because a lot of sites have copied the same model.

Despite all this competition I was able to rank my site. I also want to dispel a few myths about ranking a site. 


What Google preaches does not work

What Google preaches is that in order to rank your site you need to have content so awesome that the gods open a window from the sky, take an internet cable, connect it to heaven made laptops, type in the keyword on which you have made the most awesome content and see the content(hopefully on the first page).

Well that’s a myth and a lie. Good content by itself does little to rank your site. Just consider this, in an election it is not goodwill that wins you the seats, it is the votes. Neither is guest posting the only way by which you can rank your sites.( Now I may be inviting some controversy here, but be my guest, I have proof.)

How did I rank the site?


You can see my ranking history here.

To make it more clear.

On July 21st I purchased the domain and set up the site.

It was indexed a few days later and after three days of pinging it was ranked 36th on Google.

After that in one week it moved to position 29. On 28th July it made it to the second page and since then it was juggling between 15th and 16th position, then the 13th position and finally made it to the first page on August 1,2013.

SeoCentro Rank Checker How I ranked a niche site on the first page of Google in 11 days?


In order to rank the site I did something that I usually never do. I built all the links with GSA search Engine ranker like web 2.0s, article directories links, comment links, blog posts, social network links etc directly to the site and did not create any buffers in between.

You can watch my video tutorial on GSA to learn how to use that.

gsa 1024x420 How I ranked a niche site on the first page of Google in 11 days?

I also used auto generated content from Kontent Machine which you can see here.

example content with Kontent machine 1024x285 How I ranked a niche site on the first page of Google in 11 days?


You can watch my Kontent machine review below

I however made sure that I varied the anchor text and the main  keyword is present in only 6% of the links.

Overview on Ahrefs How I ranked a niche site on the first page of Google in 11 days?

I am not sure whether the site will be washed away in an update because this is just a case study where I want to see if this then what?? I have seen many sites that are on the top of Google with the spammiest link profile that you can find on the world wide web. Some of these sites have links in the tune of 200k and they have been built in a month and they are at the top. You can see the proof here on Glen’s post.

Does the Penguin update target the anchor texts or does it target the link locations? I feel that I will have answers to my questions soon.

I am not saying that I support this type of link building.

What I actually advocate is this…the link building strategy that works

However if you wish to rank any site then you can apply the same formula with a little variation. Build a few web 2.0s( 10 posts on each platform like blogger,squidoo, wordpress etc.) with highly spun original content and then create links to those web 2.0s with something like GSA and you are thus eliminating the risk of getting penalized.

Create an animoto or ppt sort of video and embed it in  your posts. Make a backlink to your money site/niche site from the video and also from the web 2.0s.

Over time the link juice gets passed on the same way as it is getting passed on to my site on “best adjustable dumbbells” right now. If I were doing this to really rank then this site would be my first tier and I would send a link to my money site.

If this method is working on a site that has links composing of duplicate content and is linking from sites that are not the best of the best imagine creating at least 10 such web 2.0s and powering them up.

There will be no keyword on which you cannot rank.

In my next tutorial I will show you how to find out amazing hot keywords from Amazon and build niche sites. It is the method I personally use.

Subscribe below to stay tuned.

Update Today is 10/8/2013 and the site is on Google page 1 3rd position for the keyword best adjustable dumbbells. See the screenshot

best adjustable dumbbells Google Search 400x1024 How I ranked a niche site on the first page of Google in 11 days?

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  1. Muj

    This is super George i say well done for achieving this wish i could do this to my blog in 11 days

    • Well just an experiment. still watching the effects. Now it ranks page 1 number 5

  2. Akbar Sheikh

    This is good stuff George. I hope the rankings keep on soaring for you…. are you banking some money yet?

    Keep it up brother!

    • Well not yet, but that is not my aim with this site. Just a case study and there is more to come

  3. That is an awesome case study you have here, but did you edit the articles? because it is purely readable.

    • Yes I edited the articles, don’t want to give shit to the buyers, I have seen your blog featured on Matthew Woodward’s. Keen to see more of you here and eager to learn your Amazon strategies, any success with the new sites

  4. James


    thanks for this great post.

    I see that you used GSA. There is also licorne AIO. Have you ever used it? Or what do you know about its ranking effectiveness?

    • I have used both GSA and Licorne AIO. Licorne is a bit slow when it comes to creating accounts and posting. However it is one of the cheapest tools for creating tier 1 links. I prefer GSA because it is quite fast and supports 120 platforms and you can also use it to build tier one links. The ranking effectiveness is not based on the tool you use but on how you use it.

  5. Tung

    Hi George,

    Please remove the the table from your site or make a new one.

    You want to copy my success, no problem but if you steal my hard work, it’s not acceptable 😀

    Remove the table pls


    • I would do that sure. Was just looking if it helps in conversion if I were to make something on my own. No I am not interested in outranking your site, wanted to see the effect of mass link building and testing amazon niches. I have separate niche sites. Sorry and thanks you are an inspiration

  6. nice case, i can follow your steps and try to my new blog.
    thank for share dude

  7. CJ

    Hey George,

    I am new to SEO backlinking, and knew about some tools but this really looks cool. So is the main thing we need for a really good backlink campaign is GSA Search Engine Ranker? Thanks

  8. Congrats bro. This is so inspiring. I just started doing niche sites and my first is almost 1 year old with about half the articles indexed already. The next step now is building back links and thanks for this case study

  9. Hi George,

    Great to see your case study and the use of GSA to create the entire link profile. I am toying with the idea of buying GSA. But before I do that let me ask u one thing: can GSA be used without proxies, at least initially, without getting banned by Google? I am not interested in getting involved in recurring monthly expenditure. Please advise.

    • gsa scrapes the proxies by itself and I have never used proxies for gsa and I do link building like some maniac for a lot of niche sites. Gsa is the best automated tool for link building, I don’t think there’s anything else that can compare to it. So don’t toy with the idea just go with it and make money. I spent 99 bucks on it and it’s worth every penny.

  10. George, thanks for sharing your technique. How effective is kontent machine tool because i have not used it before?

  11. Hi George,

    I have another question for you. You are using content machine to scrap relevant contents from the web. If I don’t buy Content Machine right now, will I be able to get the maximum benefit by using my own contents and then spinning it with the in-built spiiner in GSA. Yes, this is another problem because I don’t have the Best Spinner.

    Now to my second and last question. Do I need to buy GSA capture Breaker along with GSA Search Engine ranker to exploit the maximum potential. Or can I start with GSA and build links initially without buying any Captcha Breaker?

    • 1. If you are using your own content and I recommend that please spin it manually, that is good for the long term, if you don’t have the best spinner use the trial version of spinner chief

      2. I would highly recommend using gsa captcha breaker or captcha sniper because there are tons of captchas and one goes mad if you do it all manually.

      3. For the second tier of links I would recommend spinning it with gsa’s own spinner.

      Let me know if you have any other doubts

      • kajol shafiq

        Hi George,

        Thanks for your kind reply. I have another request for you. I would be very happy if you would let us know in detail how you started the back-linking campaign with GSA in that case study–I mean the number of threads you used at first, the number of links you selected per day, whether you used GSA Indexer etc. I am sure everyone else interested in GSA will be quite happy if you walk us through it.

        • I set up 10 threads. I used captcha sniper for solving the captchas. I paused the campaign after 1 hour everyday. I built only 10-20 links per day. I did not use GSA indexer but if you want you can do that. I also used the option of limiting my link to sites with less than 50 outgoing links and you can find that in the campaign settings. Btw are you still on the trial?

          • kajol shafiq

            No George, I haven’t yet bought GSA and is yet to ask for the trial version. Thanks for clarifying a few things for me. Now you said you paused GSA after i hour everyday. Does it mean you used the software one for one hour each day? Secondly, may I know whether you are getting the same success every time you are using GSA. Or are there failed campaigns as well? I mean when you are using GSA for second tier links. Lastly, where can I get the best discount for GSA? And thanks again for all the help.

          • I get more success when I don’t use the 50 link limit. Yes I used the software for 1 hour each day. I got similar success with gsa almost everytime. For tier 2 links you can remove the 50 outgoing link limit and run it more hours. The price of gsa is same everywhere and I will be glad if you can buy through my affiliate, you will find the link in the post

  12. kajol shafiq

    Thanks George, I will buy from your links for sure, when I buy, but I would like to shoot some more questions at you. You wrote that you bought your domain on 21st July, if I remember correctly, and you claimed it took only 11 days to reach first page. Does it mean that you started the back-linking as soon as your site was launched? Besides, are you still continuing with your back-links campaign on the dumbbell site to maintain your ranking? And finally how much are you making in an average now from this Amazon site?

    • I am not doing any backlinking now. I started linking a day after the domain purchase so I ranked in 10 days after linking started. I get an average of 1 or 2 sales every week. Being a $300 product I get some $14 commission. The site on the top makes $50 per day but I am not interested in taking over, rather I will build 5 to 6 sites on the same model targeting different niches. Do let me know if you get stuck anywhere

      • Hi George,

        Thanks for your reply. I am still undecided about Captcha Sniper which you are using and GSA Captcha Breaker. Many users on different forums claim Captcha Breaker is way better that Captcha Sniper, but it is way costlier as well. Do you think Captcha Sniper is giving you a good service? In that case, I will go for it. Besides, I will be be happy if you send me your email number at:, which will allow me to discuss a few other small matters.

        • Captcha sniper does an excellent job and I would recommend it. I am sending the mail right now

  13. james

    Hi George

    My question is, In GSA You uploaded all your pinterest links in the URL column. So if i limit number of links per day to 50 then in GSA will it build 50 links to every single url i uploaded in bulk or what?

    • You cannot limit the links to 50 per day. What you can do is limit gsa to use sites which have less than 50 outbound links. In any case gsa will build only 2 to 3 links per site and it goes on a rotation basis. I recommend running it for a few days

      • Al

        Nice case study. Anyway, what’s happened to the site? Last time I looked I think it was #3 but now I don’t know where? Is it dancing or something else do you think, and how long has it been gone from the 1st page?

        I know you say you’re not interested in getting the #1 spot but was wondering if you think you have a penalty or not?

        • What happened is this. Few days ago I started getting hundreds of fake subscribers to my e mail opt in. When I solved that I get a manual penalty in WMT, someone’s reported the site to Google

  14. Darragh McCurragh

    Thanks, this is worth ten books, really. I was hoping the newest Hummingbird algorithm … err, correction I should call it in light of what the past Google algorithms promised yet never delivered, would do more justice to “honest” SEO but it seems to have no noticeable effect at least on the keywords I’m following.

    • Thanks for the comment. I think you’re a bit mistaken about the Hummingbird update. The update is big but it doesn’t actually effect the SERPs in the way that you’re thinking it to be. Hummingbird is a tweak aimed at making use of the Knowledge graph better and doesn’t do anything much. Anyway no Google update does anything much when it comes to really cleaning up the SERPs. I have seen this in every niche.

  15. Irfan

    Hello George,

    Nice case study.i have a question George,I am creating an spinned article for my GSA campaign.Do i have to put contextual links in my article pointing toward my money site,or it is not necessary.

    • When building links directly to the money site I generally avoid contextual links, if they are our competition then if we are building lower tiers we would be passing lot of link juice to them for free

      • Irfan

        Then how would GSA place back links directly from my articles to my Money Site ,in-case i am building Tier 1 Links.I am little confused about it,or do i have to put my money site link in the URL section only,,right??

  16. alan

    Where is the site now? I can’t see it,why did you take it down/.

  17. Hi George,

    I always like reading people’s case studies to see how they are ranking their websites. I don’t personally do niche sites anymore.

    Although I do have some out there and they still make some income.

    Thanks for sharing your strategies with us, I’ve learned a lot just from reading your post. Good luck with your site and I hope it gets even better rankings.

  18. Samad

    I thought the automatic link building techniques are dead. This is really awesome

  19. Mark

    i did not really see the steps you followed i.e how you set up your campaign to rank in 11 days

    can you please show me?? thanks.

    • I didn’t plan it to rank in 11 days. It just happened in 11 days and I monitored what happened each day.

  20. John

    Well George I think it was a nice experiment but now finally you got hit by Big G. But what I think if we can rank our website by following this strategy and stay on that position for 6 to 8 months then it’s a good deal in that mean time we get maximum from our that webpage. What you say George. 🙂

    • You can apply that strategy. You can rank a site for 6 months, it gets penalized, push another one to the top. Just keep in mind that the costs don’t exceed the profits. Go big

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