seesaw11 Striking the perfect balance between college and blogging

college v/s blog… what falls heavier

For those who don’t know I happen to be a part time student( I expect some smiles). I am a part time blogger who is also into the third of engineering. At times it becomes difficult for me to manage both worlds together and in the desire to carry both worlds together I discovered some tips and tricks which can be suitably applied by both pro bloggers and part time students alike. The college years are divided into semesters roughly 5 months each. At the end of a semester we get a 20 day study leave after which there’s a one month vacation  if we are too lucky. All I can say is that its a game of planning.

I have trained myself to do most of the studying in those 20 days and  write a good deal during the time of vacation which serve as material for blogging during the times of heavy loads from college. College time is also about the short holidays that I get in between like the on going Ramzan holidays. After Ramzan we will get Onam(its a harvest festival of Kerala) holidays for 10 days during which I don;t have to bother about classes or studies. I plan to write posts during these off days and plan them to release slowly over the coming months.

In fact the posts that you see daily here are not written on the same day. I write them on windows live writer many days  ahead like on weekends and release them on weekdays. The shorter holidays are used by me for  immediate  use and deal with contemporary happenings on the blogosphere. The longer general articles that you see are a result of refinement due to sitting on the thinking pot for longer periods on holidays. I try to strike a balance between the two types of articles that I write and both of them are released in the same ratio. One more thing that I do is try to write all articles with a minimum word count of 400 as its a necessary survival technique touted by many after the post panda world. I take count of all the holidays that I am going to get and schedule my work accordingly.

As a person living in a hostel I have to commute to home whenever I get holidays and I don’t know why but my creative plug is generally on higher power whenever I travel. I just take quick notes on my phone regarding my ideas a develop them later. During working days most of the time I am under a deluge of completing records and studying for tests and don’t get much time for unleashing creative energy but I can proof read my previous posts in draft and do promotional work for my blog. Submitting my posts on social bookmarking sites, replying to comments, building backlinks by commenting on other blogs are all done in those non creative phases and thus I find a perfect balance between blogging and college. Its not very easy but I find a lot of enjoyment in the work I do and that’s what  keeps me  going on.