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The content marketing strategy that works, rank 1 on google

 The content marketing strategy that can make your blog a search engine super star within a month.

I tried this very strategy on my blog with results. Content marketing alone is not enough to make this work, you also need to know seo.

What’s seo?

Seo is as per my findings “ Psychology”… When you optimize your site for search engines you are actually trying to guess what people are searching, what their moods and needs are.

Somedays ago I wrote this post promoting Hostgator end of the world sale. I was using psychology.

While many others promoted the same thing they did not try to think the way people were thinking. People needed 75% discount and I gave them that with my post. 90% of the bloggers who wrote that post did not mind doing that.

Secondly I also gave away a lot of freebies so that people find my offer irrestible . Even though my page stood fourth it attracted the attention of everyone searching because it stood out.

Ok Now my content marketing strategy reflects seo and guest blogging.

The past one month I published around 21 guest posts on blogs ranging from a pr 3 to pr 6.

Even though I was guest blogging, unlike others I did not get search engine love at all.

The reason was that I was writing very vague kind of stuff on my own blog. The kind of stuff that nobody searches for.

There was this one particular guy who always published income reports in the range of 2k to 3k and I thought why not find out the secret behind his income.

I asked him and he told me to write targeted posts, nothing else. I hate it when people leave me without guidance.

I tried writing targeted posts(sort of) and one day he asked me whether I could write for his blog too.

I said that I wanted a minimum of $15 per post and he refused saying that he paid all his writers $4.5.

I said ok thinking that it was the norm.

I quit after writing two posts.

He was lying, he had no writers at that time. He was making use of me!

It was then that I came to know about this great tool called Sem rush.

Once I had sem rush I began finding out what keywords were my peers ranking for.

I tried running his site across and once I found the keywords bringing him cash I thought of replicating his ideas( with my original posts) on my blog.

I promoted them with comments and 4 targeted guest posts.

One week later no change

Two weeks later I was on the fourth page for that keyword and one month later my site is above him on google bringing me sales.

Content marketing plan

First find out your peers and find their money keywords.

Write epic posts covering them tail to head.

Promote heavily through comments and guest posts. Use the author bio to get yourself two do follow anchor text backed links.

Search engines notice that and bring you traffic.

Trust me it works!!

Your first month as a blogger go around guest blogging after writing two or three heavy traffic oriented posts. The keywords should have around 4k to 6k global searches per month.

For example I wrote a post “ mailchimp vs Aweber- which is just the best e mail newsletter service for you?

Here mailchimp vs aweber fetches 6k visits from google alone while the term aweber vs mailchimp fetches only 2k visits.

Best e mail newsletter service is another search engine traffic loving term.

Write 30 to 40 guest posts targeting your keywords and you will bring search engine traffic in a safe way.


  1. Jason James

    Yes SEO is the greatest. I don’t know if you have heard of Patt Flynn. But he took an obscure niche, in American Security Guard training, and ranked number 1. His site is now bringing in $1,200 consistently.

    Peng Joon puts it nicely. You’ve to find a pressing need, and fill it where no one else would dare. The good thing about being #1 is that your income can go up every few months because you begin to start a brand.

    • Yes i have heard of pat flynn. He has had amazing success with making niche sites. YOur comment is like golden apples set on silver palette. Very apt. Thank you!

  2. Jason James

    First page on google for ‘uilleann pipes for sale’.

    You think writing great brilliant content is your saving grace? SEO is the best way to rank in google.

  3. Hi jason what a proud moment must be it for you. Congrats. We are proud of you. Jason as described in my e book if the competition is low and search volume high then only creating an emd site is enough but if you want to rank high in competition then you need content marketing.

    • Jason James

      Hey george thanks for responding. You know i subscribed to your site before you added the e-book incentive, so I didn’t get it lol. Do you have a link I can go to?

  4. saurabh

    wana knw how to start earning from my blog can u plzz tell me

  5. saurabh

    like this i have 2 more but i dono how to earn from them plz tell me ,,,,,via mail plzzz

  6. saurabh

    then how i will get earn plz xplain in brief

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