I just read a story on searchengineland regarding Google’s unofficial update on improving search engine result quality and removing copyright infringing content from the web. Basically the move came as a result of long standing badgering by Hollywood who have been reporting huge revenue losses due to piracy. To sum the situation up if you have a lot of dmca requests against your site which are valid then the visibility of your site and even the content which is your own creation will go down in search engines especially Google. And Searchengineland have named it as the Emanuel update as this update is inspired by Ari Emanuel the emperor of hollywood  . I guess they have run out of black and white animals or peta might have sued them.

This update was neither announced nor the guys at Google are showing any visible perception to the tsunami that is going to hit a large number of sites. Firstly if people start playing with Google and report content which is not actually copyright infringing and say if people start doing it on a large basis to competitor sites. Google is not God and if they start removing legitimate content based on this then genuine bloggers can rest in peace. And of course there is the case of youtube which gets dmca request by the ton every single minute and if we go word by word of  Google’s latest attempt at cleaning the mess up then youtube should have been strangled to death by the time you are reading this. But then youtube is Google’s adopted child! If youtube escapes then so will metacafe and other video sharing sites.  I wonder what will happen to sites like piratebay which need no proof to prove that they have been flaunting piracy. If they don’t appear on search results even then because of their immense popularity they will live on as bookmarks on millions of computers worldwide. If not people will either yahoo torrents or start BINGing on them. Making pirated content harder to reach isn’t the solution. You know the old story when the crow needs water it will drop stones.

My question is that even Google knows that it is a lame attempt to prevent piracy. So who is actually going to become the scapegoats. Its the poor bloggers who are going to the scaffold again  and who knows whether all the requests will be legitimate. I foresee yet another round of negative SEO campaigns and who knows who will survive in this mad world. Google’s policies and algorithm changes are making life and making money online difficult for everyone around except Google!!!