Whenever people start new blogs there is always this excitement going on for the initial period where they do everything they can to achieve success. From blogging every single day, to commenting on all blogs on the planet to networking about the coolest thing that they have started. For sometime everything goes well but then later on the excitement fizzles out and they stop believing in themselves that they can really get success.

i dreamed the dream The one thing that’s stopping you from getting success in blogging

They put some affiliate links here and there, and when they see that no one wants to buy they stop doing whatever they were doing. Blogging is an up hill climb and you get a lot of people who are not just interested in buying your stuff but that doesn’t mean that a day won’t come when they will not buy your stuff if you keep going.

A positive mentality that doesn’t pay attention to anything that’s going around you is something that you need for success.

Successful bloggers are usually deaf, mute and blind.

They don’t pay attention to the negatives going around them. They know what they are doing and they believe in themselves very strongly.

Failing at what you are trying to do is the surest way to be successful.

To achieve success you need to fail and you need to cry and you need to question yourself whether anything of this is ever going to make any sense.

But you have to go on!

I had read one of the posts at the Badblogger dot com recently where The Bad blogger told us about his successes and failures. He said that there was a time when whatever he touched crumbled, every business all that he ever wanted to do were failures. And then slowly but surely he started getting successful, cash came in hiccups first, then people started collaborating with him, more cash came and then he became a success.

If you haven’t got it yet its your mentality that’s stopping you from getting success.

If you play long and hard then you are bound to learn the rules, climb the ropes and support yourself.

Did you stop believing in yourselves the first time you tried to walk and couldn’t. Did you stop trying?

Then why do you think that you will fail now?

You will fail but failure is not permanent.

Watch this video that I got for you.

This 47 year old crazy woman comes on to the stage and tells that she wants to sing like some famous singer. The whole stage is laughing. The judges get cynical. They ask why now, not earlier. And she says that she didn’t get the opportunity and then she starts singing. %0