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The secret to making money as a blogger!

HUSH… The secret to making money as a blogger.. revealed

Some say that traffic is money…

Some say that money is in the list…

There are others who have tried and tested and tweaked many ways of making money as a blogger.

The latest craze is that of guest blogging and I have done that too.

When I started seekdefo I thought that once I had 700 unique visitors per day I would be making money.

The reason for that thinking was that I was observing another blog that had 700 visitors per day and it was making 2.5k per month.

So my logic was simple… 700 unique visitors per day would mean money.

The blog also had around 500 posts. So that got me thinking that I was supposed to garner 500 posts and started posting 3 posts everyday and on some days 6 posts.

The blog also had a page rank of 3. That meant I should get a page rank three too.

The first 3 months were spent on getting a page rank, I wrote 60 posts and the unique visitors became around 40.

So did I make money with this blog.

No I did not.

The blog I mentioned earlier was sold to a different person because it was not making any money.

The reason( I will tell you shortly)

This person is the one who took it to its height of glory and the reason was the kind of posts he wrote.

New bloggers, I have seen are passionate, they write brilliantly but quit after sometime because their blog doesn’t make any money.

The reason is that in their brilliant articles and writing they do not focus on the words and topics that they should actually pay attention to.

These are what I call the money keywords.

I have detailed all of that in my free e book, but I will complete what I started.

Money keywords are the terms which people search for, for buying a thing. Money keywords should also satisfy a second criteria that of being low competition.

Using a tool called SEM Rush I began observing what the money keywords were for that particular blog.

And I discovered the secret behind making money from a blog…

I started focussing on those keywords and started writing articles that solved people’s problems and provided real answers instead of being vague.

The brilliant posts which many newbies write are in a sorry state of being “vague”.

People search for answers on the web and while they appreciate your writing, its going to take a lot of time making money that way.

Instead of blogging whatever comes to your mind why not focus on what is bringing traffic and money to others’ blogs and re create that on your blog.


I started doing SEO.

Do you know what SEO means? It means providing answers to the questions that people are searching for- That’s all.

See this-

This is basicblotips’s webmaster tools reportGoogle Webmaster Tools Twitter The secret to making money as a blogger!


It’s so obvious now that I didn’t even need to draw any arrows this time! It’s crystal clear that the page on my blog with the highest number of impressions in Google search is the one at the top of the list: How To Get Your First 2,000 Twitter Followers

and this is what I got from semrush

FireShot Screen Capture 061 basicblogtips com SEMrushs main report for domain www semrush com info basicblogtips com The secret to making money as a blogger!



What Ileane said in so many words in her post the same thing I told you in a picture.

I think you got an idea of the power I give to you.

You can make money off blogging.


My method of money keywords focuses on those questions which not only are people searching for but can also make you a living online.

And I use SEM Rush( its free with some limits) for that.

I also have written an e book which has a complete case study of making a money minting blog, and the book is free for you, my readers.

So if you would like to dip into a ton of free traffic then from Google then follow my way and you will make money.


  1. Jason James

    Traffic travis is also a good premium tool with is free with limitations.

  2. Hey George, I think Target traffic is money. Indirectly we are working for Google. If we can generate target traffic from Google,then we have chance to make some money.

  3. Very well and clearly written. This article makes a blogger like me sit back and rethink my strategy. Thank a lot.

    • Yes re think your strategy because if you can understand this one thing then you can make money online, also get my free e book

  4. Ileane

    Hey George,

    Cool post and I like being used as an example for all to see!!

    In addition to Google Webmaster Tools I also use Market Samurai for keyword tracking and I love it. I’ve never done a comparison of the MS and SEM Rush but if you know of one please share it with me so I can see how they match up against each other.

    Market Samurai just introduced two new features because they are predicting that Google is going to get rid of Page Rank soon. The new tools are citation flow and trust flow. They are pretty awesome additions to their arsenal and I like that they are trying to be pro-active. I plan on doing a YouTube video on it this weekend.

    Thanks again!

    • If I say it in few sentences sem rush tells you what others are ranking for. You can see what makes others successful but when it comes to market samurai then you have to guess few keywords and then make posts. I love sem rush because it helps me succeed without re inventing the wheel. Say you just post what makes pro blogger successful!!

      • Ileane

        George, have you ever used Market Samurai? I can find out what keywords any site is ranking for. I can see what sites are ranking for specific keywords and find the backlinks to those sites.

        But I have to be honest and say that I really don’t pay attention to what others are doing. If I want to write about something I just go ahead and write it because one thing is clear from looking at Google Webmaster Tools. Just because you’re post doesn’t show up on the first page of Google, that doesn’t mean you want get targeted traffic. There are many of the keywords that I’m thousands of visitors for each month and I’m not even on page 1.

        Google Authorship and Author Rank plays a role in all of this too.

        btw – I just noticed that you aren’t getting the authorship for your guest post on my blog. Can you please add a link to your author page in the contributors section of your Google + account. Let me know if you need help with that. Thank you!

        • I have not used much of market samuria because of the weak internet connection that I have and i sure will add the google link for my article. I did not know that. Thanks.

  5. yap. i also use semrush.

  6. First time hear SEMRush. I nee to explore more about this. Before this just use Google Keyword Tool.

  7. Semrush very help tools.

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