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How can tiered link building help you to make more money and get more traffic?

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Hi guys you might have seen me not being that active these past months. Even though I wanted to be active I found other ventures which were bringing me more cash than ever that I decided to hold back on blogging and do all that. I was marketing an e book, I was building niche sites and to say the truth they bring in money faster than any other thing. It’s not enough if you just stop at building the sites you also need to rank them and what I did for ranking my sites was going through Matthew Woodward’s tutorials on link building and to say that they are awesome will be an understatement, I don’t have words to express what those tutorials can do for you.

I have made more money listening to him in one week than by blogging for three years.

Tiered link building which makes use of some of the fundamental rules in which Google works can just change your world if followed step by step.

If you are interested in making money online then all you need to do before buying any e book, crash course or marketing gimmick, before going mad over another shiny object which may not shine any light on you, before any of that you need to just watch his videos and follow them step by step.

Of course you would be needing soft wares but free trials are more than enough to help you get started in whatever it is that you want to rank for because there is no reason why you won’t make any money once the tutorial is followed word by word.

So what is tiered link building?

Tiered link building is the process of building back links to your existing backlinks so that the first tier of backlinks becomes stronger.

Like say you done some article directory submissions, built some wikis, some social blogs, done some guest posts all of them linking to your main site let’s say The diversity of the process is important.

Once done you need to build backlinks to those backlinks i.e build backlinks to the the wikis, the guest posts that you have done, the articles you have submitted on article directories.

This consists your tier 2 of links.

Once done create a third tier of links to the tier 2. We will call it tier 3. The process needs to be spread over mainly days. Quick means spam. So do it slowly over 3 weeks.

tiered link building How can tiered link building help you to make more money and get more traffic?

The first tier needs to be built in two weeks.

Now to help you with all this stuff here are some videos:

There are 5 more but I do not how your response will be…


  1. yes, tiered linking and open link wheels are still works but you will need to put at least 90% unique article with some random images & video’s to gain more value.Google always consider article word count also.

  2. Thanks for the information about tiered link building George. This is one of the safest ways to build backlinks since we don’t put all the backlinks directly to our main site. If the link is bad it won’t directly affect the main site! Brilliant!

  3. thanks for this informative post i really enjoyed reading the post

  4. i am always looking for informative post.and finally i got this. Thanks for the good resource out here. Thanks again For Share with us

  5. Hi, just watched your video and was wondering if you could help explain. Why do I need to create back links to the Tier 1 links?

    For example, me creating this comment with a back link is a Tier 1 link, why do I need to create back links to this page /tiered-link-building-money-traffic/ when you have already got a lot of back links to this page?


    • In tiered link building you are creating tier one links in the form of web 2.0 sites, article directory submissions etc. Blog commenting is not tier one link. Once you have your tier one then yous should make tier two link with semi automated content using various blog platforms like drupal,joomla,web 2.0s etc and then create comment backlinks to them via commenting and guest book submissions. Tier 1 is created over a 14 day period so that no alarms are raised

  6. Thanks for sharing the awesome points. I’m new to blogging world. This will help me in future 🙂

  7. umesh

    This article is very informative about link building lots of blogger will gain from it.

  8. Ankit Dhadwal

    wow great information. I always like this type of articles and it helps me alot. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us

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