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Top 15 free plagiarism checkers online

plagiarism checkers online

1.Duplichecker: Duplichecker is one of my favourite tools for checking plagiarism online because it does not require any registration. However there’s a limit of being able to check only 1500 words per search and you also have a ton of blog posts on the site which help you learn more about plagiarism.

Plagiarism Checker Free Online Software For Plagiarism Detection Top 15 free plagiarism checkers online


2.Plagiarisma: Plagiarisma is another free online plagiarism checker tool that is best for teachers and students. It can used to check essays and other materials like assignments and find out whether students have involved themselves in plagiarizing. The additional benefit of Plagiarisma is that the site supports not only only English but 190 other languages.

Free Plagiarism Checker Online Plagiarisma.Net  Top 15 free plagiarism checkers online

3.Article Checker: I could not particularly understand what this platform was trying to achieve.


Plagiarism Checker Article Checker Free Web Plagiarism Tool Top 15 free plagiarism checkers online


4.Plagiarismcheck: Other than the fact that the site has an extremely beautiful logo I could not use the site at all. The site was not able to process my documents no matter how hard I tried. It can process any kind of file format and I have heard rumours that it worked in the pastorg Top 15 free plagiarism checkers online

5.Plagium: Plagium is another free to use online plagiarism checker and you can paste about 25000 characters to it and check free for plagiarism. I checked my tiered link building tutorial and it traced the post back to my blog. You can only use it once for free in a day without registration and the deep search feature requires registration.

plagium Top 15 free plagiarism checkers online

6.Dustball: Dustball is another free to use plagiarism checker that also has a premium version which promises three times the accuracy and costs $8 per month. After using the free version I cannot say that it is very effective, does not trace the post to my blog. Here you can see the results of my tiered link building tutorial.

The Plagiarism Checker Top 15 free plagiarism checkers online

7.Small Seo Tools: Small SEO tools is one of my favourite tools for checking plagiarism. It’s one of the best tools out there but it does not show you where the copy pasted sites are located. It did a fairly good job of finding out that the tiered link building tutorial already existed and was from my blog but it did not show the links which is bad.Plagiarism Checker Top 15 free plagiarism checkers online


Let me show you another example of an article which I received as a guest post for my tech site.Plagiarism Checkerguest post Top 15 free plagiarism checkers online


The article is 93% unique but I have made a video where I will show you how I found out the content was plagiarized. Do not forget to watch the video.

8.Doc Cop: Doc Cop is another site that you can use for online checking of Plagiarism but the interface is quite tricky and it requires registration and filling of many fields and that’s why I did not bother to use it.

DOC Cop Collusion and Plagiarism Detection Top 15 free plagiarism checkers online


9.Search engine reports: I tried copy pasting the text and no matter whether I put an already existing article or something else there was always an error. Even then I have included the link because it may work sometime. This site directly places the text on to Google and cannot process more than 32 words and so I do not recommend it. It showed a 441 error when it tried to process.

Free Plagiarism Checker stop illegal copying Top 15 free plagiarism checkers online

11.Copyscape: Copyscape is one brilliant tool to check for plagiarism online. It does what it promises and finds out copies of your article from the web. For my article no duplicates existed.Copyscape search results for http tiered link building money traffic  Top 15 free plagiarism checkers online


12.Plagtracker: Plagtracker is one free tool that by far is one of the best for tracking plagiarized content. On putting my article there I found that it has some 8% match from some articles and got an advise that my paper was awesome. You can also check the grammar and spelling. The plagiarism checker is a boon for teachers. Plagiarism checking result for your document1 Top 15 free plagiarism checkers online

13.Custom Writings: Custom writings is another free tool that you can use for checking copies of your webpage on the world wide web. The minimum number of words that you have to enter is 1000. Supports only English and Spanish.

14.Grammarly: They give you a free preview of how you can use grammarly for checking duplicate content. They found 33 critical issues with my writing but I am not writing an academic research paper right.


Grammarly Sign Up Top 15 free plagiarism checkers online

15.Plagiarism-detect: Another free tool that took an amazing time to load. Not recommended at all is another service that gives you a free trial of its services and has a ton of info to be filled inPaper Rater Pre Grade Your Paper a.k.a. Paper Grader Top 15 free plagiarism checkers online


  1. I love this post George!
    It’s great if you accept guest articles on your blog. You know some times, we get duplicate content from uninformed guest authors. These tools help to kick them off.

    Have a splendid weekend

  2. Great list of tool. Can you recommend which is the best one.

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