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What are the benefits of a Facebook group for your blog/ business?

For a long while I was the victim of various Facebook groups. Old schoolmates, whenever the craze dawned upon them created Facebook groups which would see a height of activity for sometime and then it would vanish. When in college friends would create groups for all the events occurring in college and then the mail box gets sabotaged with every new update. When I started blogging naturally I made friends with bloggers and they started doing the Facebook group thing and most of the time I got useful posts. Now there are several advantages of using Facebook groups as I have seen the impact from a victim’s point of view. Normally we can add all our friends to a group and given the status of the group like being closed or open our friends can add their friends to it. As and when a group gets popular the spammers too get active and as the admin of the group its your duty to keep the group clean.

I would suggest keeping the group closed as I too am now facing the challenges of running a Facebook group myself. You can also appoint two or three loyal readers as your group administrators.

But that’s not the point that I wanted to make. Depending on the status of the group people may be able to add more people into groups but then groups have a distinct advantage of making your posts noticed. Whenever you post something in the group it gets pinned to the wall of your friends and unlike the constantly changing scenery of a stream of updates what we post gets noticed. With a Facebook page this is just impossible. There is no guarantee that people notice what we update. But if the people in the group are our friends then what we post gets noticed for sure.

I have over 600 friends on Facebook and I added 533 of them to my Facebook group called “ Make Money blogging”. Within a few minutes of making a status update of my latest post I saw a jump in referral traffic via Facebook and all kinds of traffic is good. Traffic boosts the Alexa ranking. Traffic makes people share the posts and it keeps me blogging

Make money blogging www facebook com groups  1024x439 What are the benefits of a Facebook group for your blog/ business?.

Even the status updates that I made yesterday are getting a lot of traffic from Facebook and I have even started getting requests from people for adding them into the group.

All I can say is that we should do all we can to save our asses from Google, be it Facebook group or a Page. You can Join Make Money Blogging, which shares working ways of making an income blogging here


  1. Jason James

    I talk about social media all the time on my blog. Do you have any tip for getting 600+ friends?

    • George

      Actually this is not my first blog. I got 600 friends from my earlier blogs. However to get all these friends what you can do is go to groups like mine and find the people who are commenting and sharing stuff and send them friend requests.

  2. Abuzar

    Hi! I like your suggestion for making “closed group” so that only we can save our group from the spammer’s and we should state the terms and condition of the groups so that people can keep in their mind that whatever they are writing in the groups is legal or not according to the group….

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    • George

      Thanks for the comment. I have not put the description yet. I will do that sonn.

  3. Yes, Facebook groups does help in getting traffic. I have joined a lot of Blogging and SEO groups on Facebook that let us share our post with a lot of members, but I’ve never tried creating my own group.


  4. Good traffic called as SEO but blog should have main traffic that send visitor constantly. Visitor traffic from social media more constant than join competition in SEO

    • George

      Yes social media traffic is consistent and involves interaction too. Keep on coming

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