Best adsense alternatives  for small blogs

1. according to me is one of the best mediums for small blogs. Well AdSense rejected me otherwise I would have ranked it well. So I switched to various other ad providers just to see which worked for me. I would rank as the top notch one here because it has the lowest minimum payout of just $5 dollars. Even that is high for many blogs with non western traffic. They promise $4 for 1000 views but if you care to read the  terms and conditions you will undestand that to make one dollar  from indian traffic you need atleast 2000 views of top banner ads. Maybe 1200 with interstitial ads but its a lot of pain. However the low minimum pay out scores well with . The best part of me is that you can make money even when someone just enters your  site with the website entry script. But it works only with pc users. So for my blog with so many people visiting it in their mobile phones searching ways not to even pay for their net usage making even a dollar is a pretty tough nut to crack.

But I did make some cash though… The second big aspect of is their referral programme which gives me a good 20% slice of referral earnings without deducting it from their balance! phew… if you like then sign up below

adfly.300x250.1 Which are the best adsense alternatives for small blogs?
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The  sad truth behind infolinks is that its not all that good especially the $50 dollar minimum payout thing. It actually depresses you. With over 5000 pageviews per day infolinks gives me $.02 on some days and by this rate the time when I get my first payout is like 1 year from now!! But who cares ? NO space is wasted…


I actually discovered adhitz only now. They offer very cool looking banner and text ads and no matter what I get 5 clicks per day amounting to .1 dollars per day. Well that also would payout me in approximately  one year. The bad side is that the ads load extremely slowly and most visitors would have by that time clicked the back button…adhitz is in many ways better than infolinks .

4. chitika

What I have heard from chitika tells me that the ads slow down the loading time of your site and doen’t play well with google adsense if you have that on your blog. But there are publishers who use both chitika and gooale adsense and do very well. Google can fuck you anytime.