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Why can you make more money blogging on the WordPress platform?

I have often been a part of the ever raging battle between wordpress lovers and Blogger fanatics. Which is the better platform for blogging. Well I don’t know but I am not here to discuss that and start another pointless post. I am here to say that bloggers of a certain niche can make more money by blogging on the WordPress platform. The niche I am talking about is the Blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing niche.

The reason why we can make more  money with WordPress is that WordPress has an ever growing community constantly making WordPress better. Blogger doesn’t have community and this is what makes all the difference in the world. WordPress creates the need and the fuel to sustain the need. Its a cycle of consumption and innovation

The first thing is that you can blog about WordPress itself on your blogging blog( I am doing it right now). Blogger is  so limited that you cannot blog about it other than creating or discussing some useful third party applications. Blogger is so limited in design that you got to introduce the features you want yourself. Need a floating sidebar teeming with sharing options, welcome to the coding world. On the other on wordpress you can do paid reviews regarding cool plugins on WordPress.

Sell Themes on WordPress, be a thesis, Woo themes or Genesis affiliate

Along with WordPress comes the unending saga of themes which are bound to make anyone not using them shy about having a WordPress blog. I am very ashamed of blogging without a thesis theme right now. You can write about various WordPress themes and become an affiliate of them. If you are using the Thesis theme, blog about how Thesis is such a great SEO optimised theme and tell them why everyone should use thesis.

You can also add in-depth tutorials and videos on your blog on Thesis customization. Thesis 2.0 is about to be released and that will for sure spike up the demand of this great product and people will be raving for reviews and information on this product. There are many things which can be done with Thesis which includes uploading an awesome header but it require knowledge of ftp, enabling breadcrumb navigation on Thesis, editing the footer and header and a lot of options.

Sell WordPress Hosting- Hostgator, Bluehost, Dreamhost the choice is yours

When you are blogging on WordPress you need a hosting account. With blogger you do not require that. Hosting affiliate programs are the most lucrative programs for making money online when blogging about blogging.

Seekdefo is currently hosted under the same host which hosts, and millions of other websites. You can put up their banners on your website and if someone purchases hosting via that link you will pocket a cool $50.

Send 21 such people every month and you will earn am awesome $125 per affiliate who signs up i.e a whole total of $2625. You can increase the conversions by providing free WordPress installation services to your clients.

Additionally Hostgator releases discount coupons every now and then which can take the space of a post and give you some additional profit. By the way if you apply the coupon code seekdefo94 while purchasing Hostgator hosting you can start your website at 1 cent only. Go here

  Sell commentluv premium

Commentluv is another beautiful addition which comes along with WordPress. Commentluv gives a do follow back link to those who post a comment on your blog and this invites flood of comments. With the premium commentluv one can add the anchor text of his choice to the links and that’s why it can make a good marketable product . You can yourself use a premium account which will show others the benefits of comment luv premium.

I put a period here but the possibilities are endless. keep an open mind to learn how others make money and you mat become rich without spending a penny!

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  1. Great article. I think most people did not set out to make money from wordpress but began to make money as their websites gained tremendous traffic

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