I could have coined a thousand different titles for this post but I finally decided to go with this. The title sounds very interesting doesn’t it? In the offline world of pen and paper you may write poems and become a celebrated if luck and ladies so allow but in the online world its impossible to achieve this feat. You may be an extremely good poet bringing out tears from the stone hearts of even evil men but it won’t get you any value in the online world. The reason is that nobody searches for poems, poems which are written by a nobody!

Search engines pour out results in terms of keywords. Can you tell me how will you attach keywords to poems. Well enough of gibberish right! What I am trying to say with this post is the importance of keyword search before you begin a blog. It took me a whole year to recognize the importance of keyword research. You know it takes a very long time(6 months to 1 year ) to generate  even a single dollar from your blog.

When I finally started earning revenue from my blog after 9 months or so it was too low and only then it dawned upon me to do a keyword search about the main thing that I was blogging and it resulted in an astonishing number of 2600 monthly searches. Most of the traffic came from countries with very very low cpc, cpm and ctr rates. And then I decided to do the right thing.

Google keyword tool for research

Google keyword tool is a mind blowing keyword assessment tool from Google which like most other Google things is totally free to use. You type in the keyword regarding which you are going to write a post and then you can see the detailed stats regarding the monthly searches for the particular keyword, the countries which are making the maximum searches and even the subregions of that country which is making the seearches. Armed with alll this information you can target  your post to the right audience and also get to know the volume of traffic that  you can expect if you are doing things the right way.