I have been blogging for the past 15 months or so and even though this is a new blog my previous blog did give me some income and a lot of experience which helped me avoid the most common mistakes made by newbie bloggers. For your knowledge I am an engineering student.

Being a student gives me lot of free time compared to a full time professional who begins blogging as a part time affair. I don’t take any risks while blogging as a student since there is no pressure on me for providing the bread and butter to a family and that’s why student time is the best time for starting a blog. One can at least write a lot of posts during vacation or short breaks and publish them slowly.Blogging Read how to strike balance between blogging and college

BLOG4 thumb Why should students adopt blogging as a part time  profession?

That way you won’t be bogged down by study pressures during exams and balance the two  worlds perfectly. During four years of your college time write  10 posts per month and at the end of a year you get 120 posts and at the end of 4 years you get 480 posts bringing you well deserved traffic. Most of the bloggers around me are very young people studying engineering or some other technical course and they do write very good and insightful posts. At the same time they make an excellent income while dodging exams, income big enough to cover their tuition fees, electricity charges and even buy them the latest android gadget from flipkart. Blogging has spawned a generation which can and play with the Nitti gritties of technology and write about it with passion and profound knowledge. Sometimes I wonder about the specialized knowledge these guys around me possess, regarding blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing etc. Blogging is a great remote profession.

Say you are blogging part time. Any kind of job experience sounds good on your resume. While your friends might be bragging about the seminars that they have done you have a killer resume which boasts of real world experience. Employers would love that. Blogging requires building a brand and for that you need to network well with people from all over the world. You get a query on keyword optimization from an Australian and a tip of monetizing from a canadian. The work atmosphere is a haute couture of individuals with diffferent world experiences and through blogging you have already dealt with them all. Blogging tells your future employer thet you are a multitasker a much needed skill in today’s world for employment and ultimately blogging impoves your socio communication skills, vocabulary and written skills. There’s more to blogging than you can imagine.

In the west, as per the picture portrayed to me in the movies, teenagers used to weed out the gardens or do baby sitting for getting pocket money. Nowadays the income stream has widened to blogging and affiliate marketing. How many middle aged guys does one find on the warrior forum selling digital merchandise? The online space has its whole power wielded by teens, people of the z generation who communicate everything through social networking sites.

When the map comes close to east we see many teens who started on blogging just to see if it works, many binge on it not for money but rather use it as a medium to communicate thoughts to a larger audience rather than just social media, to build an audience. to have a following. And than the magic expands to monetizing the content and before you know you have discovered a medium of living- the dotcom lifestyle!