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Why you shouldn’t create a blogspot site, Google will f*** you!

Maybe the post title is not what you may expect from me… But when you have heard what Google has done to me and to you, you will agree.

What does it feel like when Google f***s you?

Its not very sweet.

I had spent two years, two whole years building a blog and today I got a 2 sentence e mail telling me that my blog has been reviewed and deleted for spam.

Hello, Your blog at has been reviewed and confirmed as in violation of our Terms of Service for: SPAM. In accordance to these terms, we’ve removed the blog and the URL is no longer accessible. For more information, please review the following resources: Blogger Terms of Service: Blogger Content Policy: -The Blogger Team

Today afternoon I had seen my blog the last time. It looked nothing out of the ordinary. But at 3 pm my blog was removed from the face of the internet.

My blog is gone.

FireShot Screen Capture 070 Blog not found tricksreview blogspot in 2012 12 how to gain followers on twitter html utm sourcefeedburnerutm mediumfeedutm campaignFeed +TricksWithADifference+Tricks+with+a+dif Why you shouldn’t create a blogspot site, Google will f*** you!


Because I had started posting original content.

Two years as a blogger I copy pasted for 6 months or so…

When I realised that I wasn’t doing any good to myself or even earning money I stopped, went back and deleted all the copy pasted posts.

They were 500 in number all of them about free gprs tricks.

Then for some months I did not post anything.

I then had an idea, that of leveraging the power of my blog in creating posts of good quality, writing original content on topics like hosting, focussing on micro niche keywords.

Just yesterday I wrote an original post on “ How to get twitter followers”. A week before that I did a review of Hostgator.

But then its gone, marked as spam.

I had spent two years on that blog- BLOGGING WITH NOTHING BUT A MOBILE PHONE.

Now I have a laptop but back then that was my hope.

How is it like losing a dream?

I feel bitter and I feel more bitter that I cannot fuck Google in the same way back.

See you do not own a blogspot blog or for that matter your facebook page or anything that comes free.

You can wake up one morning to find that the rules have changed- I wasn’t even given the chance to transfer my blog to a separate hosting.

You then realise that you have lost everything.

In a span of a 2 sentence email and the stroke of a button I lost two years of hard work, two years of blogging.

Google never stops with that.

Google AdSense-

How many times has it happened to you that you make a blogspot blog and apply for AdSense and they reject you everytime.

Maybe I am being too sceptical.

How many times has it happened to you that you create a blog, buy a domain, even hosting, get adsense and one morning Adsense is gone just when you thought that you would be cashing out that $100 soon.


Invalid clicks.

Suspicious activity.

Risk of invalid clicks.

Bad content.

Gone is your another dream.

Google Panda and penguin

You have spent countless hours building backlinks and creating rock solid content for your blog.

Everything is doing just fine until when you discover that today the stats have been unusually low.

You check them again and find that there’s no change.

You go about in forums and ask people and that is when you discover the dreaded truth.

Your site has been hit by something called Panda and its unbelievable because you have built good content.

Then why you ask??

Why because Google runs a business and they have the bloody right to fuck you.

No matter whether you spent years on a blog or ran a blog with a mobile.

They can destroy you if you trust them too much.

The only thing that you truly own is an e mail list.

Start building one today


  1. You make it sound like you were penalized for writing original content and deleting the copy/paste posts, which can’t be true. I have no idea what happened, but if all is as you describe, you might try appealing. I’m sure that your content isn’t really “gone” and you might at least be able to download an archive of it, whether they reinstate your blog or not. But if I were reviewing blogs, I’d seriously consider a (civil) email explaining, “Yeah, I used to be a copy/paste blogger, but you seem to have penalized me for mending my ways. Surely, this cannot be the message you want to send. Is there some way we can work this out? If you do not agree to reinstate my blog and URL, please provide me with an archive of my copyrighted content, which I hereby certify is my own original work.” Something like that. At least try.

    • I have appealed but if they do not accept that then there;s no way I am gonna get back my posts.

  2. Jason James

    Hey george, I feel your pain. I spent hours on my blog and found out that I was blogging in a niche I wasn’t really passionate about, also, I was using a crappy host that gives 1 gb bandwitch per month.

    Look what they say here in America is “go back to the drawing board”. Sometimes your best ideas come from failing.

    • Are you talking about derinternetz

      • Jason James

        Yeah. I would have been better off using hostgator.

        • But you do not have the money for it right!! Why don’t you try freelancing?? Given the standard of your writing you can easily get high paying gigs. For example you can try and get $50 per post or the If you need more sites then send me an e mail and i will mail you a list of 110 such sites. The list is not complete yet and I would like to publish it as a post after few days. Best of luck!!

  3. Hi George,

    I love Google. But I hate blogger. Simply reason for that is Blogger delete our blogs without any notice.

  4. Hey George,

    Sorry to hear that, but I feel your pain.
    I’ve gone through something similar but it wasn’t this bad.
    I got slapped by Google, All my AdWords were wiped out!


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