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Zyma review: Why Zyma is the worst hosting provider?


I don’t know whether you remember this but last time when Hostgator messed up with me by not paying me what I deserved in affiliate fees, I wrote a post that literally caused them to
have a hard look at their affiliate structure and the goodnews is that I got my payment in March.

I have heard many people complaining that Zyma is not a good host. They have very attractive cheap rates, so cheap that the rates are almost unbelievable and they tend to provide every feature that popular shared hosting networks provide and that is the reason I tried to find out whether they really are that good, I do not mind if web hosts charge me a bit more but if the quality lacks then I would never recommend that host to even my enemies.

First off the rates at Zyma are 1.71 euros per month. I don’t think that they are running any special offer even though they make you believe that they are doing that but no it has always been 1.71 euros which means that it will cost something like 21 euros for a year of hosting your site on Zyma servers.

Why Zyma is the worst hosting provider?

Reliability: Before calling on any host I will make a thorough check on whether they are reliable. By reliability I mean that if I trust them my website should be sort of ok with them. Sadly, that does not exist for Zyma. Friends who won Zyma accounts in a giveaway are facing trouble in keeping their website available on Zyma. I mean websites with less than 50 visits per day are being suspended because of high CPU usage. That tells me a lot about their servers. If 50 visits/day is what you get in a host that says unlimited then I will not choose it no matter what.

On the other hand one of my tech blogs that gets 30k page views per day is on Bluehost shared hosting plan and I have had no trouble with it. This site is hosted at Hostgator shared hosting plan and it gets a lot more than 50 visits per day and I have had no problem with them.

Compared with the shared hosting plans offered by other web hosts Zyma does lack a lot and I would not recommend it. Zyma is a bad hosting provider.

What’s even more outrageous is that they automatically move you to a dedicated plan in order to wring  you out of your money. I cannot accept a host that will move your site to an outrageously expensive plan because their servers are not able to take 50 visits per day.  Wanna see a real experience, click here

Suspension due to high CPU usage: This point overlaps with the first point that I was trying to get across. If you are lucky( very lucky) then you will pass the first month with not much trouble with Zyma but after that no matter whether yours is a a high traffic blog or  a low traffic one they are going to suspend it citing high CPU usage.

When I asked what high CPU usage meant to Jane Sheeba of Probloggingsuccess she said that it either meant that you are using a hell lot of resource plugins or you are getting a lot of traffic. If you are getting less than 5k pageviews per day and are using the usual SEO plugins then you can stay on shared hosting.

But with Zyma none of that applies. You are lucky if you pass the first month without getting your account banned. Read another one here

Bandwidth log not revealed: One thing about other shared hosting companies is that they provide a lot of details about the bandwidth that you are using, the bots that visit your site and the hits. But with Zyma you are left clueless on the bandwidth that you are consuming and then they ban you because you did not know that you were using a lot bandwidth.

Customer Support: As per my research this is one area where I did not find a lot of complaints. But yes customers are not very happy that Zyma claims 24*7 customer support but you cannot catch them after the UK working hours. They are not 24*7 only 8*7. If you are able to catch them on live chat then most probably your problem will get sorted out and if its something beyond what they can understand they will just forcibly log you out of chat and you will never be able to sign in back, the deal’s done.
Uptime: This is another sweet spot. They provide 100% uptime when your site is not in suspension. But for most of the customers if they are not bullied into choosing dedicated servers then they may never see their site alive.

Zyma keeps on suspending your sites for no reason and the only reason that I can understand is they are operating a “bait and switch” company. Like flies to honey they attract people who look for cheap hosting and after a month they coerce them to choose a costlier plan. It is quite evident to me that they are not able to sustain themselves by charging 1.71 euros a month.

Security: The best way to learn about a web host is by following a discussion on forums. I did that and found out that in 2011 and 2012 one of their servers called Panda was hacked and countless sites hosted on Zyma were down for atleast 10 days.

Though they were able to bring the sites back the precautionary measures only included installing four WordPress security plugins.

I cannot trust the security of a web host that washes its hands off such important issues by suggesting its clients to install some plugin. And what about people on Drupal and Joomla and numerous other platforms.

No honesty in staying good on promises: Justin Germino sometime back had hosted a Zyma hosting giveaway but days after the giveaway ended, there was no response on the part of Zyma in providing the free hosting accounts. Justin went to the extent of saying that if Zyma does not provide the hosting accounts then Justin will buy them from some other host spending money from his own pocket.

Dragonblogger Let me just tell the fans that I am really... Zyma review: Why Zyma is the worst hosting provider?







After a long delay they finally gave the accounts.

I asked him about the experience and this is what he said
4 Justin Germino Messages Zyma review: Why Zyma is the worst hosting provider?


Questionable practices: Many blogs had published their real experience with Zyma hosting but lately I am not able to find any. If you copy paste these sites into your browser you will get 404 error. It seems that Zyma is paying bloggers to silence them.Page Not Found TinyBlogger Zyma review: Why Zyma is the worst hosting provider?

Page not found GeekDashboard Zyma review: Why Zyma is the worst hosting provider?

And I don’t understand why all postive reviews happened on 19th June 2013.

Zyma Technologies Web Hosting review Zyma review: Why Zyma is the worst hosting provider?


Having seen it all and having discussed Zyma with other web masters I am strongly against spending a single dollar(or euro) in buying their hosting package.






  1. joy

    Thanks from providing the all the details about Hosting company atleast through this i come to know about which are the factor we must considered while choosing hosting company.

  2. Janmejai

    I have used Zyma later they suspended my account and they never replied to my questions.

    • I agree with your view point. Can you also share it with Daniel at dailyblogtips. He is currently holding a zyma giveaway

  3. I suggest all bloggers that they should never go for cheap hostings. You will lose much more money if you fall for the cheap hosting these companies provide.

  4. I am a victim too & I just published by review of them. They are the worst web host provider I have ever come across.

    I hope the review helps other to stay away from the the fraudsters – Zyma Technologies Ltd.

    • Yeah I read yours and have to agree with all that you said. You wrote a post that was better than mine and took great pains in researching and verifying the facts. Daniel Scocco of dailyblogtips recently organised a “ZYMA giveaway”, they blinded him too

  5. Hi Gerge,
    I have read many reviews about the Zyma hosting and everybody is saying that Hosting is really bad
    Well As far as I am concerned I think there are many service providers you can choose from. To save few bucks it is not good to compromise with the quality.

    I have my blog running on BigRock which is the number 1 hosting company in India. I like it. Soon I am going to change to Blue Host or Hostgtor.

    Thanks for the update
    Have a great day ahead
    Regards 🙂

    • Well if you are going to change to Bluehost or Hostgator then I have some coupons for you. And Zyma is way worse than one can ever think

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