When you have been running a blog for a really long time, you feel like transitioning to a business.

For example, Pradeep Kumar of HellBoundBloggers now runs an SEO agency.

You all know him from his blog but he transitioned quite effectively into a business.

For most people, things come naturally and through some trial and error.

But if you’ve the jitters as a first-time SEO agency owner or are running a business touching any of the varied aspects of Internet Marketing say web design agency, a CRO agency or an eCommerce consultancy, there’s something you can learn and apply right away.

Purchase training courses and run them for your staff

Smart SEOs have training courses on everything from on page seo to most effective link building strategies.

Most of the information is available online for free.

But you don’t have the time to effectively sort through everything and then send them as digestible pieces.

Courses and bless those creators distill all the information plus some and package it so that anyone can understand what’s SEO.

If you feel the need to add more, then after each course you can have a whiteboard session picking things apart.

Ask your protegees to go through the courses again and again until they’re sure of things.

Weekly Presentations and seminars

Remember in school how your teachers made you present seminars and project reports. You hated those right?

But it ends well.

Most people thanks to their school have experience coming on the stage and presenting something. The level of focus required to teach someone something is different from learning it yourself.

You not only have to learn it well but learn it so well that you can present it to anyone in simple terms using multiple examples to make your point.

Ask your trainees to come with presentations each week and do it again and again until they’re clear on the basics.

Create a knowledgebase

Knowledgebase isn’t only for your customers to not read when opening a support ticket.

They can be used to build a database of reference points for employees to go over.

Doubtful, refer the knowledgebase.

Want to refresh something. Visit the knowledgebase

Use tools and teach them how to use it

There are two ways of doing things. You either do it by hand or automate things.

I prefer the former.

For example, I could search for my competitor backlinks using google operators running past his byline to get guest post links and running anchors he commonly uses to get a large number of backlinks.


I could go to ahrefs. Copy paste the url. Click on backlinks and click export.

Easy peasy.

Tools automate and simplify the hard work.

There might be a learning curve with some of them and there are tutorials for those.

Past the learning curve you’d never go back to manually doing things but look for more ways to automate stuff.

It’s addictive and that’s precisely my point.

Train your staff to use the tools at hand and they would be clamoring for those every time they want to do something.

Makes everything go so much faster and more efficient. Keyword research, niche research, content gap research, popular content research. Everything done in minutes.


Whatever industry you’re in a knowledgeable staff is the hallmark for a ship that sails smooth.

You don’t want ill-equipped staff. You always pay for that in ways unimaginable. Angry clients, lost contracts and general nightmare.

Train them and reap the fruits.